Why real-time physician signatures are a win-win

Obtaining signatures via fax is dated. And forcing physicians to log into portals and websites can delay important documentation. In this blog, learn why real-time physician signature capabilities are a win-win for your organization and your referral sources.

What happens when you don’t prioritize the patient experience

With higher satisfaction survey scores correlating with more referrals, it’s clear that more positive patient experiences can results in thriving home-based care organizations. In this blog, learn what patients, family caregivers, and referral sources truly expect when it comes to digital health and how your organization can stay competitive in a rapidly growing market.

What does Customer Success Management really mean to CitusHealth

What is customer success management and how can it benefit home-based care organizations? In this blog, we discuss CitusHealth’s approach to customer success, why we think of our customers as partners, and five ways we help customers meet their goals.

Why photos and videos are worth a thousand words in home-based care

In our everyday lives, we rely on video and photos to connect with others and stay engaged with the world around us. This blog discusses why these modern methods of communication are critical to engaging patients and family caregivers in home-based care.

What is SaaS and how can it benefit home-based care organizations?

Without the need for IT teams and servers, Software as a Service (SaaS) can be a smart and efficient way to have software applications within your business—but what exactly is it? In this blog, we define SaaS and discuss six key benefits of this technology.

Top 2 referral source expectations in home infusion (and how to meet them)

The rapid growth of home infusion has created a competitive landscape that can make it difficult for smaller, more regional pharmacies to thrive. While many providers try to compete in size, the truth is they need to focus on service. In this blog, we reveal the two top referral source expectations and how you can meet them.

7 Common patient engagement myths debunked

COVID-19 accelerated the digital evolution, allowing consumers to go virtual with almost every aspect of their lives. While many healthcare providers continue operating as they did before the pandemic, they must realize that patients are also consumers and they expect to be engaged in the healthcare setting just as they do in the real world. In this blog, we debunk seven patient engagement myths.

How customized forms support home-based care organizations

With so many regulation requirements in home-based care, it’s important to capture accurate documentation from the national to the regional level. In this blog, discover how form customization can simplify compliance and support patient and staff satisfaction.

6 Ways to retain top talent in home infusion

In the midst of an industry-wide labor shortage, it’s more important than ever to retain the employees you have. In this blog, learn six ways your company can retain top talent.