Patient engagement and digital workflow efficiency designed by a seasoned home infusion nurse for the home infusion industry.

As home infusion clinicians and operations leaders, we’ve walked miles in your shoes, which is why we understand the unique challenges you face:

  • High on-call nurse expenses
  • Disjointed communications with patients and care teams
  • Competitive referral environment
  • Quality-driven payer contracts
  • Lengthy reimbursement cycles
  • Razor-thin profits

For today’s home infusion provider, Citus Health offers a new solution to address these challenges. We are focused on helping improve outcomes – for both you and your patients.

Innovating Patient Onboarding and Communications

Citus Health is the only solution on the market that was built by a home infusion nurse for the home infusion industry. After years of experiencing first-hand the challenges that both patients and providers face when servicing home infusion patients, our founder knew she had to help reduce the complexities, automate manual processes, and eliminate the inefficiencies that only resulted in frustration for patients, care givers and pharmacy owners.

Citus Solutions for Home Infusion Providers

With Citus Health, home infusion providers operate more efficiently, which results in better outcomes for both your patients and your business. Here’s how it works:

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