Increase patient and physician loyalty

As experienced clinicians and operations leaders from the specialty infusion and pharmacy, we understand the challenges providers face when it comes to collecting data from patients to dispense their medication.

The CitusHealth platform is specifically designed to help pharmacies operate efficiently while improving patient and physician loyalty — ultimately resulting in more referrals.

  • Designed to be HIPAA compliant
  • Integrates with your pharmacy management solutions
  • Digital, mobile, and app-less features
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A comprehensive system of engagement

Now more than ever, it’s critical to provide remote patient care support, improving collaboration while reducing cost per patient.

CitusHealth offers a completely integrated platform with digital, mobile, and app-less features.

A comprehensive system of engagement

CitusHealth solutions for specialty pharmacies

We're setting a new standard for patient care.


Enable real-time patient and caregiver communication with clinicians and staff through secure messaging, specifically designed to be HIPAA compliant.


Securely communicate in a virtual messaging environment with pharmacists, staff, delivery personnel, or other care team members in real time.


Collect data faster, accelerate billing timelines, and increase cash flow with customizable forms, such as medication refills, that allow patients to sign refill consents within minutes.

Paperless workflows


Automatically translate messages to multiple languages to minimize communication barriers and reduce delays in care.


Allow patients, caregivers, and care teams to engage virtually in real time with video sessions that are designed to be HIPAA secure.

4 Ways to use video chat in home-based care


Obtain signed documents with our mobile app, app-less link, or in person to expedite dispensing and reimbursements.


Broadcast important information concerning critical updates to specific groups or the entire census and their caregivers to save valuable time.

Two types of broadcast messaging


Empower patients and caregivers with educational materials designed for their plan of care to support therapy adherence.

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Integration with pharmacy dispensing systems helps to ensure digital patient information captured in texts, forms, and signatures is presented at critical points in the workflow and the patient record.

"We do everything we can to provide the necessary technology to our staff to help simplify their tasks, increase productivity, and improve job satisfaction. In turn, this helps us to recruit better and retain the best and brightest talent."

– Amy Amburgey, Vice President of Process Engineering, Soleo Health

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Soleo Health Simplifying Complex Care
A growing necessity for specialty pharmacy

“With the right technology solutions in place, specialty pharmacies can see dramatic improvements in their refill request response times and dispensing turnaround times, while also enhancing their high-touch personalized patient experience.”

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“With CitusHealth, Care Fusion Rx found a way to help their staff work together to provide care seamlessly and improve patient engagement. The result of their newfound efficiencies helped them gain ACHC accreditation and build patient loyalty.”

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The right technology cleared path towards ACHC accreditation (CareFusion Rx Case Study)

Functioning in a standalone capacity, or integrated into your pharmacy dispensing system, CitusHealth can help your organization focus on what you do best — providing the highest quality care.

Improve speed to therapy and faster collection of key patient data for increased patient and physician loyalty and overall productivity. Improving these critical metrics will help you better position your specialty pharmacy to earn more referrals and grow your business.

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