Use case highlight: The Education Center as a tool

Use case highlight: The Education Center as a tool

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By: Brittany Isaacs, MS, RN, IgCN, Customer Success Manager, CitusHealth

Patient and caregiver education in home-based care often relies on printed instruction sheets that can get lost in the home or copies that are often of poor quality with any changes to the content requiring printing and resending. This makes the process cumbersome to manage in the field, which is why CitusHealth has a different approach to training. With our Education Center, all training resources are electronic and on-demand, sharing is automated, and it’s all accessible 24/7—allowing you to tailor materials for staff and those they serve.

The Education Center can house anything including policies and procedures, infusion reaction charts, wound care instructions, chaplain and end-of-life support for hospice patients, drug instruction sheets, links to national organizations, video content—there are no limitations to what materials can better inform patients and caregivers. And when these materials are electronic, those who are receiving care are empowered to participate in their care journey. Having a single source for content management, with updates just a click away, is a valuable tool.

Here are a few ways the Education Center can benefit clinical staff, partners, patients, and their families.

Troubleshoot medical equipment with ease.
Nursing in the field has its complications, such as troubleshooting a pump or teaching patients how to inject. With the Education Center, teaching materials are on-demand to help both nurses and those they serve understand every technical aspect of their care. Patients and caregivers can access resources after the nurse has gone, which provides comfort to all parties. Resources can include links to pump manufacturer video and training content or content your organization created.

It can be semi-interactive.
When teaching or troubleshooting in between visits, patients and caregivers are not expected to find an information sheet hidden in stacks of paperwork. They can easily search for a topic and find the resource quickly. If a staff member is messaging with a patient or partner who needs assistance, the staff member can point them to the right resource and even review the same electronic file that can easily be found among on-demand training resources.

Education can be therapy specific.
With the user tags feature, staff can narrow the scope for each patient by organizing training materials based on therapy or even disease.

The cost of mailing paper materials is reduced.
When education material is at their constant disposal on their device, the cost associated with mailing materials to patients and caregivers—and reprinting for auxiliary staff—is significantly reduced.

Staff can control visibility.
Training materials are by no means specific to CitusHealth. Staff can convert any file to a PDF, link any resource within the PDF, and share that information with patients and caregivers.

On-demand education helps patients between visits.
Having training information at their fingertips empowers patients and caregivers to participate and play an active role in their care. It reduces anxiety when they feel they have resources accessible to them 24/7.

It’s validated information.
With a massive library of on-demand education resources, patients, caregivers, and staff have constant access to validated information—versus using Google to find a generic answer from a source that is likely not credible.

Field work is simplified.
From a staff perspective, working in the field can be cumbersome due to having so much paperwork and having to walk patients and caregivers through training over the phone. When education resources are easily accessible and electronic, they can see the visual and quickly communicate how to fix it—a valuable tool for those who are always working in remote locations.

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Brittany Isaacs
Brittany Isaacs
MSN, RN, IgCN, Customer Success Manager, CitusHealth

Brittany Isaacs is a nurse, educator, and customer success manager at CitusHealth, a SaaS healthcare software platform, that helps companies digitalize and transform their processes and workflows. Previously, Brittany worked as a Director of Nursing for a specialty infusion pharmacy, as well as a Lieutenant in the Navy Nurse Corps. A diverse nursing career in medical/surgical nursing, acute care, emergency medicine, behavioral health, and infusion therapy.

Currently, she is completing a Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice and certificate in Care Coordination at the University of Maryland, School of Nursing. She has graduated with Honors from the University of Maryland, School of Nursing with a Master of Science degree in Health Services, Leadership and Management as well a certificate in Nursing Education.