2 Big benefits of app-less messaging in home-based care

2 Big benefits of app-less messaging in home-based care

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By: Donald McCormack, Technical Product Manager, CitusHealth

We’ve all heard the term “app-less,” but what does it mean for messaging? App-less messaging is a powerful tool that can connect clinicians directly with patients without the need to download and register for a platform.

With many communication platforms today, patients must download an app to their phone or tablet, register, log in, and message directly within that app. Unfortunately, many users find it limiting to have to install an app to communicate with their care team—which is why CitusHealth decided to offer app-less messaging capabilities.

Here are two big benefits of having this feature in home-based care:

Patients can message securely in one click.
When a clinician sends a message to a patient who does not have the CitusHealth app, it automatically sends a link via SMS message, which takes the patient to a secure chat exchange portal in the browser of their choosing. Users may need to enter a verification code sent to their phone, but other than that, messaging is just a click away.

Once this message portal is closed or expired, it will disappear and never be saved locally to the device. For the clinician to start another message, a new chat exchange needs to be initiated. This is an easy way for patients to connect with clinicians in real time, without being forced to download and register for an app.

Clinicians can do everything in one platform.
Instead of filling out documentation in one app and then having to switch to another application to communicate with a patient, they can do everything in one place. No more toggling between platforms—with CitusHealth, all messages stay in the app, whether patients have it or not. For clinicians, the entire conversation is within the platform, even with patients who use the app-less link.

The option for app-less messaging means even more engagement with patients—including those who do not want to use the CitusHealth platform. Request a demo to see for yourself how we can help home-based care organization use app-less messaging to provide more connected care.

Donald McCormack
Donald McCormack

Donald McCormack has been a Technical Product Manager at Citushealth since January 2022. He has an extensive technology background as a hands-on developer and had spent the last 6 years in product management and development. He earned his diploma in Management Information Systems and Technology from Albany State University and is a current Candidate for an MBA in Healthcare management in summer of 2023.