Recruitment and retention: Money isn’t everything

Recruitment and retention: Money isn’t everything

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No organization or pharmacy is immune to staffing shortages. Whether it’s nursing or office intake teams, everyone is struggling with a lack of resources. That’s why when implementing CitusHealth, we try to find ways to make staff workloads lighter and more efficient.

Recruiting is difficult. Nurses are being offered thousands of dollars in sign-on bonuses and increased hourly wages. But when they get there and the workload is outrageous, that money can only get them so far. According to a survey by the American Nurses Foundation, 58% of nurses said that work-life balance is the most important factor in satisfaction at work.

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Here are five ways CitusHealth can help give staff what they really want and deserve.

Video chat saves time on unnecessary home visits

Video chatting can take the pressure off an onsite or in-home visit. Let’s say a DME company has equipment in the home and it’s having issues. The DME company can use video chat to diagnose what’s happening with the machine. What would usually be an hour and a half trip out to the customer’s house can now take just 10 minutes to resolve.

Similarly with nursing visits, checking in on the patient, troubleshooting issues, and addressing concerns no longer require a home visit. Instead, a quick video chat puts clinicians face to face with patients to determine whether a visit to the home is needed.

Electronic signature helps avoid delayed care

Signed documents are an important part of the intake and start of care processes. Delays in gathering this documentation can delay care. The ability to capture signatures electronically saves time chasing down providers, playing phone tag and requesting paperwork from patients.

Forms and documents can help improve submission rates

Many of the organizations we work with experience the challenge of submission rates. With forms and documents, nursing and intake staff can send documentation to be filled out electronically and easily submitted.

Messaging keeps everyone connected in real time

The Messaging Center within CitusHealth has many uses. Administration or nursing supervisors can communicate internally about filling open shifts with just one message, something that can typically take several phone calls. Clinicians can communicate with patients and caregivers, addressing concerns in real time and avoiding unnecessary home visits or phone calls. Messages can be sent to multiple people at once or just one person, saving time on communicating with several different people.

Real-time documentation can be done at the bedside

With CitusHealth, nurses can fill out documentation while with the patient, hand it over if it’s something that needs to be signed, and submit it. It then attaches directly to the patient record in the EHR, saving time on duplicate entry and scanning.

For staff working part time, these digital tools are easy to use and navigate, taking the stress out of adopting new technology — even for those who don’t work consistently.

CitusHealth was built to give staff more work-life balance, improving their satisfaction and empowering them to work at the top of their license. Talk to a CitusHealth expert to learn what the right technology can do for your organization.

Valerie Deming
Valerie Deming

With 28 years in healthcare, including a decade in project management, Valerie Deming understands the value of elevating the patient and staff experience through technology. Her credentials include AAS in Respiratory Therapy, BS in Education, Health Information Management certification, Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt certification, PMP certification from Project Management Institute, and CAHIMS certification from HIMSS. Valerie lives in Upstate New York with her husband and daughter, where she enjoys golfing, camping, and all things crafty.