4 Ways to use video chat in home-based care

COVID-19 accelerated the need for telehealth technologies. But in the wake of the pandemic, patients and their families continue to expect the convenience that innovative healthcare has brought to the marketplace. In this blog, learn the benefits of video chat and four ways it can be used in home-based care.

Use case highlight: The Education Center as a tool

Training materials in home-based care no longer require paper. In this blog, learn how our Education Center has taken informational resources on-demand for patients, caregivers, and staff—simplifying the education process and empowering patients to take part in their care.

Personal POV: The true cost of poor communication

Everyone has experienced a family member or loved one needing professional care in the home or in a facility. In this series, CitusHealth employees share their personal stories of these experiences. This blog discusses the true cost of manual processes and how poor communication led to a dire patient outcome.

5 Actionable strategies for bringing consumerism to home-based care

In our post-pandemic new normal, it’s clear that the technologies used to provide care during COVID-19 raised the bar for consumer expectations in home-based care forever. In this blog, learn five actionable strategies for bringing consumerism to home-based care.

5 Ways point solutions fail to solve communication needs

End-to-end platforms are the answer to delivering true collaboration in home-based care, but many organizations continue to rely on point solutions. In this blog, the difference between these two kinds of technologies and why an end-to-end approach is the solution to more efficient, more effective care.

2 Results of advocating for nurses in home-based care

With a nationwide labor shortage and nurses being asked to do more with less, many home-based care RNs are left feeling overworked and undervalued. In this blog, we discuss the importance of advocating for these special employees so they can focus on patient care and stay with your organization for the long term.

3 Ways customer support and customer success are like doctors for technology

While customer support and customer success may differ, their objective is similar—to create a better overall experience for the client. In this blog, learn how a modern approach to tech support is much like a doctor for technology—helping organizations to reach growth goals and achieve success.

5 Ways customer success can help organizations reach goals in home-based care

Home-based care technology should be more than a communication platform. It should be a digital solution that continues to innovate and drive success through customer advocacy. In this blog, we discuss CitusHealth’s approach to customer success and how it helps organizations reach goals.

6 Ways technology can help home infusion pharmacies achieve accreditation

Home infusion pharmacies rely on accreditation to participate with insurance companies and acquire contracts. In this blog, we discuss how the right technology solution can simplify tracking processes—helping to speed up accreditation and keep pharmacy operations going.