5 ways CitusHealth’s Schedule Center makes scheduling easier

5 ways CitusHealth’s Schedule Center makes scheduling easier

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In today’s fast-paced healthcare world, we’re constantly looking for efficient software to help streamline our processes and make patient care as smooth and efficient as possible.

At CitusHealth, we recognize the unique challenges in scheduling and coordinating patient care. We know that traditional tools aren’t enough for home infusion and specialty pharmacy sectors’ specific needs. CitusHealth’s Schedule Center can help by offering a solution to scheduling problems, communication issues, and difficult billing processes. A comprehensive scheduling software, it can enhance efficiency, ensure real-time visibility, and facilitate secure, communication designed to be HIPAA-compliant.

So, what sets our Schedule Center software apart? Let’s look at five important features and benefits of this system, including better visibility, scheduling, communication, and staff management. And explore how these features can optimize operations and increase efficiency by focusing on:

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Understanding current scheduling challenges

The home infusion and specialty infusion industry confronts daunting scheduling and coordinating patient care challenges. Traditional tried and true software, like Excel and Outlook, are too out of date and inefficient to effectively support schedule management.

Providers grapple with the complexities of managing nurses across state lines, coordinating and tracking subcontracted agency nurses, keeping patients or their alternative contacts informed, and differentiating between billable and non-billable visits. This situation creates significant operational inefficiencies and patient care concerns, including issues related to patient compliance and the risk of hospital readmissions.

Communication challenges around setting up, confirming visits, and aligning patient and caregiver availability can impact the patient experience. Any delays can have far-reaching consequences, affecting patient outcomes and straining the relationship between healthcare providers and patients.

Matching schedules and visits manually complicates things, increasing the administrative workload and diverting resources from patient care. Without a centralized scheduling system, patient information is often isolated, making it difficult to coordinate care effectively. This fragmented approach to scheduling highlights the urgent need for a more efficient, integrated solution.

A comprehensive and tailored scheduling solution 

Schedule Center was created to respond to these industry-specific challenges and compliments our other care centers, allowing a single platform to best manage the entire patient experience. This solution is more than just a scheduling tool. It’s a system that makes scheduling, communication, and billing easier. It enhances efficiency, ensures real-time visibility, and facilitates secure, communication designed to be HIPAA-compliant. The focus on seamless integration with electronic health records (EHR) and app-less communication underscores CitusHealth’s commitment to modernizing healthcare coordination.


5 features of Schedule Center that make the scheduling process easier

1. Enhanced visibility and scheduling

Schedule Center stands out for its exceptional ability to offer detailed insights into visit statuses and roles for various types of healthcare visits. This feature is particularly beneficial in managing complex patient care scenarios, where coordination between multiple healthcare providers and services is crucial. Visits are managed through browser-based access or the mobile app, making it easy to use no matter where nursing staff or the scheduled visit are located.

Schedule Center ensures that all parties involved, including healthcare professionals and patients or their alternative contacts, are kept informed with real-time updates that can be accessed through the Plan of Care Calendar. With this holistic view of each patient’s care schedule, there isn’t a need for as many phone calls, significantly reducing the risks of miscommunication and scheduling conflicts, which are common in traditional scheduling systems.

Patients or their alternative contacts can stay informed by accessing their Plan of Care Calendar, keeping them informed and reducing the need for many phone calls.

2. Streamlined billing and time tracking

Another standout feature of Schedule Center is its specialized dashboard designed for scheduling and billing teams. This user-friendly dashboard simplifies operational complexities by providing visibility into the status of each visit, offering quick-filter widgets to make it easier for staff to work on their portion of the process, and allowing providers to modify visits as needed to ensure the scheduling information is always up to date. It also easily tracks billable and non-billable hours, offering a clear and concise view of completed visits.

The time in/time out feature further streamlines this process, enabling precise tracking of the duration of each visit, which is critical for accurate billing. This functionality is invaluable for managing subcontracted agency nurses and third-party healthcare providers, offering a transparent and efficient way to create accurate claims and time tracking across various service providers.

3. Multi-location and service designation

Schedule Center also offers an advanced multi-location service designation feature. This allows healthcare providers to manage and coordinate services in various settings, from home healthcare and specialty infusion clinics to facilities and virtual video visits. The capability to provide visibility and filtering services across multiple locations and visit types empowers healthcare providers with a comprehensive overview of their scheduling needs. This feature is instrumental in optimizing resource allocation and ensures patients receive timely and efficient care.

4. Advanced communication efficiency

To help ensure seamless communication and collaboration, Schedule Center allows the patient’s entire care team, including agency nurses, physicians, and alternative contacts, to engage in structured and casual discussions. Through the addition of virtual video visits, the need for in-person visits when unnecessary is significantly reduced, leveraging technology for virtual consultations and follow-ups.

Moreover, the system automates notifications and reminders, reducing reliance on traditional communication methods such as phone calls, text messages, and emails, thus enhancing overall operational efficiency.

5. Effective staff and partner management

Schedule Center shines in its ability to manage the availability of staff and partner clinicians efficiently. It provides quick visibility into the availability of healthcare professionals, whether they are in-house staff or part of a third-party partnership.

Delays and logistical issues are minimized by ensuring efficient scheduling and managing diverse healthcare providers, where timely care delivery can significantly impact patient outcomes.

Revolutionize efficiency through smart technology

In today’s healthcare environment, where the demand for quality and efficient care is ever-increasing, CitusHealth’s Schedule Center software stands out as a revolutionary solution. Through scheduling automation, it not only improves processes and communication but also significantly enhances visibility into visit statuses and roles. This empowers healthcare providers to meet the needs of their patients better while optimizing their operations.

Our Schedule Center represents a significant leap in healthcare scheduling technology. Its comprehensive features address the pressing issues of scheduling, communication, and billing in the industry. In a landscape marked by rapid changes and growing demands, it’s also a testament to CitusHealth’s understanding of the industry’s challenges and commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet them head-on.

Providers equipped with our all-in-one scheduling management solution are better positioned to navigate the complexities of healthcare scheduling, ensuring improved patient care and enhanced provider efficiency.

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Terri Embry
Terri Embry
RN, BSBA, Vice President of Customer Success, CitusHealth

A registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing, Terri’s career has spanned almost three decades in regional and national home, specialty and long-term care infusion operations, sales, and informatics leadership. Her experience with cutting-edge workflow optimization has allowed her to understand the challenges both customers and their patients face. With CitusHealth, she leads the adoption and retention team helping to bring the voice of customers to the product development roadmap.

Terri has been in leadership, sales, and nursing roles for companies such as BioScrip, Omnicare, and Olsten-Kimberly Quality Care.