5 Ways customer success can help organizations reach goals in home-based care

5 Ways customer success can help organizations reach goals in home-based care

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By: Amanda Hannan, Customer Success Manager, CitusHealth

Customer success can be a key element in whether or not customers can meet—or even exceed—their business goals. The CitusHealth approach to managing customer success in home-based care is based on looking at the customer holistically. That means understanding the customer’s business, the problems they want to solve with the product, the long-term goals of the business, and overseeing all of their interactions with CitusHealth to ensure they receive a best-in-class experience with our technology solutions.

Here are five ways customer success can help organizations reach goals in home-based care.

Enhance branding
Branding strategy is a priority in every industry—and it should be no different in home-based care. When digital platforms offer brand customization and white labeling, their customers can provide a better experience for their patients and take their business to the next level.

Continue introducing features
Since customers may have been introduced to features only applicable to their goals in the implementation process, and since CitusHealth continually adds features to our platform, they may be missing out on features that could bring significant value to their business. Continuing the conversation around what’s available and how those features can benefit their organization enables customers to reach a greater return on investment.

Use data
Utilization reports exist to provide insight into what customers are doing and any gaps where they could be experiencing more benefits. Sharing this data with customers helps them understand what they’re doing right and opportunities to improve.

Optimize utilization
To help ensure customers are using technology to its fullest potential, CitusHealth Customer Success provides them with reference materials, on-demand education, and consultative  services. This approach arms customers with everything they need to get the most out of their investment.

Seek feedback
By always seeking feedback on the product, customers can help guide the innovation into technology they need to succeed. Understanding what hurdles customers face helps build solutions that work for them.

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Amanda Hannan
Amanda Hannan
Customer Success Manager, CitusHealth

An accomplished and versatile customer-focused leader with a proven track record in building outstanding customer relationships, Amanda builds productive teams and ensures customers exceed their ROI. She’s a Six Sigma Green Belt and subject matter expert in IV workflow management systems implementation, EHR integrations, HL7 interfaces, automated dispensing cabinets, IV pumps, and various SaaS products including analytics-focused reporting tools.

With CitusHealth, Amanda is passionate about optimizing and building processes for customers. Prior to joining the CitusHealth team, she worked with all levels of health system management including IT, pharmacy, nursing, physicians, finance, and supply chain with companies such as Cardinal Health, BD (previously CareFusion) and CorsortiEX.