6 Ways technology can help home infusion pharmacies achieve accreditation

6 Ways technology can help home infusion pharmacies achieve accreditation

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By: Brittany Isaacs, MSN, RN, IgCN, Customer Success Manager, CitusHealth

Whether it’s to participate with insurance companies or simply to get contracts, many home infusion pharmacies are at the mercy of accreditation when it comes to operating and growing their business. These accreditations often must go through recertification every few years, making it an ongoing—and likely tedious—process that can result in failing to meet requirements.

The right technology can help these pharmacies achieve accreditation with ease by adopting workflows and processes that make tracking documentation and patient engagement a breeze.

Here are a few ways digital solutions should help your home infusion pharmacy meet accreditation requirements.

Message tags can assist with accreditation
With the ability to tag messages, pharmacies can easily run reports based on these tags or search any data element needed. Whether it’s an adverse event, a patient call-in, or after-hours communication—accreditation requirements can be quickly found and checked off.

On-call logs can assist with accreditation
When on-call logs are created, calls are recorded anytime a patient calls in after hours. These logs can be saved within a form or work lists for easy tracking.

Dashboards can assist with accreditation
When a digital platform is simple to navigate, information requested by the accreditation team is easy to find. A dashboard is a great way to have a central point to search and generate data. Reports, patient information, call logs, messages—everything your pharmacy needs to meet requirements should be all in one place for easy searching.

Patient engagement modules can assist with accreditation
The ability to track where patients are communicating, how care teams are communicating with patients, forms and documentation completed or outstanding, messages, calls, and more is a significant factor when it comes to accreditation.

Ease of signature requests and form completion can assist with accreditation
Proving forms and documentation are signed and returned within turnaround times is a big part of the accreditation process. Having a workflow that aids in the timely completion of this documentation and makes it easy to track and support can help achieve accreditation.

Progress notes can assist with accreditation
Anytime a form or document is sent to a patient and when a reminder is sent, an automated progress note is made. This creates a “paper trail” of when things were sent and how many attempts were made—all without manual entry.

When the entire care journey is at the patient’s fingertips, document history is tracked and communication is recorded—giving accreditation teams all the elements needed to quickly and easily assess whether your pharmacy meets requirements.

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Brittany Isaacs
Brittany Isaacs
MSN, RN, IgCN, Customer Success Manager, CitusHealth

Brittany Isaacs is a nurse, educator, and customer success manager at CitusHealth, a SaaS healthcare software platform, that helps companies digitalize and transform their processes and workflows. Previously, Brittany worked as a Director of Nursing for a specialty infusion pharmacy, as well as a Lieutenant in the Navy Nurse Corps. A diverse nursing career in medical/surgical nursing, acute care, emergency medicine, behavioral health, and infusion therapy.

Currently, she is completing a Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice and certificate in Care Coordination at the University of Maryland, School of Nursing. She has graduated with Honors from the University of Maryland, School of Nursing with a Master of Science degree in Health Services, Leadership and Management as well a certificate in Nursing Education.