Top 2 referral source expectations in home infusion (and how to meet them)

Top 2 referral source expectations in home infusion (and how to meet them)

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By: Melissa Kozak, RN, BSN, Co-Founder and President, CitusHealth

With the home infusion industry seeing immense growth, it’s becoming a competitive landscape—so how can your pharmacy stand out? For smaller, regional providers, trying to keep up with national-sized competitors can be frustrating. The truth is you’re not going to beat competitors in size, which is why your focus needs to be on delivering a superior product and service.

To capture the attention of referral sources as a local provider, it’s important to meet—and exceed—their expectations. Here are the two services referral sources expect and how technology can help you meet them to develop long-term partnerships.

Home infusion start of care needs to be fast.

Patients need to be started on care as quickly as possible—and that means quicker than your competitors. To do that, it becomes a race of collecting information from the patient, the payor, and the physician. Then that data needs to be disseminated and processed, allowing you to expedite the start of care.

This is easier said than done, especially with limited permissions to enter acute care facilities over the last two years. It can also be a challenge for home infusion providers if the only tools being used by staff are telephone and email. With CitusHealth, staff are armed with digital solutions that helps you speed up the start of care, increase accuracy of documentation, and continue seamless communication throughout the care journey. The all-in-one platform includes:

  • Secure instant messaging and real-time communication that helps you maintain HIPAA compliance.
  • Delivery coordination for better clarity into what’s happening and when
  • App-less electronic signature to make all required documentation as efficient as possible
  • Video chat capabilities for remote communication needs

Show that home infusion patients are doing better under your care.

Referral partners not only want to see that patients are thriving under your care, but they also want to see that patients are doing better with you than your competitors. With the ability to share outcomes data collected directly from the patient, referral sources can easily see their tolerance to therapy, any side effects they may be having, compliance, and more.

Having a platform that allows you to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with care teams, coordinate deliveries and visit scheduling, and collect and share this data with referral partners can also help meet patient expectations—ultimately leading to higher satisfaction.

In the end, the patient’s experience always gets back to the discharge planner, and that includes any complaints they have about the care they’re receiving. And with patients having more choices than ever, their voice will matter more than ever.

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Melissa Kozak
Melissa Kozak
RN, BSN, Co-Founder, President, CitusHealth

As a registered nurse, Melissa has a deep understanding of the post-acute industry. Her extensive clinical care and operational insight led her to become the visionary entrepreneur she is today. With CitusHealth, she’s created our industry’s first end-to-end digital health collaboration platform to solve the complexities of managing post-acute continuum of care and patient and family engagement challenges.