What is SaaS and how can it benefit home-based care organizations?

What is SaaS and how can it benefit home-based care organizations?

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By: Nick Knowlton, Vice President of Business Development, ResMed – SaaS

Software as a Service, often referred to as SaaS or simply software in “the cloud,” is a way of delivering applications over the internet. Instead of providers having to host, maintain, and troubleshoot software locally, SaaS allows it to all be done in the cloud on their behalf, by their technology vendors—as many home-based care providers don’t have the budget to staff an IT team to build all the interfaces they need and to manage proprietary software versioning and updates.

Leveraging SaaS applications takes this burden from home-based care providers. And with the ability to troubleshoot any problems without having to hire IT staff or have a server on site, they can also experience a lower cost of ownership.

Here are five reasons that SaaS technology can be an important element to your organization’s operations.

  1. In the world of interoperability, SaaS gives organizations the power to take advantage of their architecture.SaaS can leverage relationships with other national cloud-based vendors, giving providers access to a variety of integrations that can keep them connected. This scalability gives providers cost and speed to connect advantages—accomplishing the same tasks through singular interfaces that used to take hundreds or thousands of point-to-point interfaces.
  2. Providers get instant updates with SaaS.Instead of worrying about version requirements or how to upgrade and maintain their software, providers get instant upgrades to new releases—eliminating the need to go through upgrade cycles for new interface functionality and integrations.
  3. SaaS onboarding is fast and scalable.With comprehensive implementation and training, providers can get their technology up and running quickly. And when you have the right SaaS partner, onboarding will set you up for success and the technology will be designed to grow with your organization.
  4. Customer support is easier with SaaS.When providers purchase software as a product, it must be physically installed and locally configured, which can make centralized support more difficult to administer. With SaaS, training and support can be done both hybrid or virtual, making it faster and more efficient for customers who don’t want to wait for troubleshooting.
  5. All providers need is an internet connection.With SaaS, users don’t need a laptop or server with the software on it. As long as they have an internet connection, they can access their SaaS platform on their device (some features can be available offline as well)—which is critical for home-based care staff who are always on the go.

In the end, all of these SaaS benefits mean one thing for home-based care providers—time savings and clinician satisfaction. With the right technology, organizations can spend less time onboarding, training, troubleshooting, and accessing their application. And that means money saved and more time to focus on patients.

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Nick Knowlton
Nick Knowlton
Vice President of Business Development, ResMed – SaaS

Nick Knowlton leads the company’s strategic initiatives, including partnership development and healthcare interoperability efforts.

Nick has over twenty years of business experience and has held sales, marketing, product, and strategy positions for technology and health information technology businesses. Prior to joining ResMed, Nick ran strategic initiatives for Greenway Health, a market leader in the physician practice EHR space.

Nick has a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from the University of Notre Dame.