4 Ways to make the most of your support experience

4 Ways to make the most of your support experience

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By: John Cox, Customer Support, CitusHealth

With CitusHealth’s in-app support, users don’t have to go into a different portal to troubleshoot issues. Instead, they can create tickets within the application they use every day. While this simplifies the support experience, there are a few key factors that can ensure your problems get addressed and your questions get answered quickly and accurately.

Here are four ways your home-based care organization can get the most out of customer support:

Know how to get help.

It’s important to understand how to contact the support team, what kind of support they have to offer, whether they communicate via phone or email, and the hours they’re available to assist you. Knowing this information ensures your organization is prepared for support before you even need it.

Understand best practices for entering tickets.

Before contacting the support center, review product documentation like troubleshooting instructions and be sure you have the latest configurations. If errors are received or if workstations stop functioning, record error messages exactly as they appear on screen and note the corresponding workstation ID or user ID.

When opening a ticket with customer support, select the type of request (question, problem, feature request, etc.), have a brief summary of the issue, and include a detailed description (with information like location, device type, how many users were impacted, etc.), and attach any screenshots or log files that can get your questions answered faster. This will help the support team prioritize and address your ticket.

Have a plan for the upgrades.

As organizations grow, software will need continuous upgrades. Have a plan for these upgrades and be prepared for ongoing releases. Understanding release notes, new functionality, and fixes that are coming out will affect your workflow and increase productivity. Lack of upgrade awareness will have your organization doing the same things when new functionality could eliminate frustration points with staff.

Be prepared for new hires.

By having a training plan for new hires—for any product that you have—it ensures they have a full understanding of the technology your organization uses and how it can make their jobs easier. Without a plan for new hires (and for ongoing periodic training), staff will not make full use of the functionality built to maximize your operations and ease their administrative burden.

Keeping these points in mind when reaching out to support, your organization can have quicker, more positive outcomes when troubleshooting technology issues.

CitusHealth makes customer support simple and helps you get the most out of your technology. Schedule a demo with us today to experience it for yourself.




John Cox
John Cox
Customer Support, CitusHealth

With over 20 years of experience in leading customer support organizations within the healthcare industry, John is a customer operations leader. He has a true passion for customer care while guiding and growing teams to view their interactions through the lens of the customer. With CitusHealth, he has designed and launched customer-facing operations—all while driving continuous service improvements that enhance the customer’s experience, satisfaction, and retention rates.

Prior to CitusHealth, John worked in the ambulatory EHR market, notably with Greenway Health. Most recently, he led the support department with Qure4u, where he created and organized customer support in the post-development phase of a virtual care patient engagement SaaS company and designed workflows to increase the efficiency and knowledge transfers of the support team.