3 Reasons branding matters in home-based care

3 Reasons branding matters in home-based care

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By: Jackie Owen, RN, BSN, Clinical Product Specialist, CitusHealth

In the competitive markets of home-based care, the providers who focus on brand awareness tend to stand out from the crowd. Because they continue to get their brand in front of potential referral sources, patients, and caregivers, these providers are more well-known and stay top of mind among those who may someday need their services.

Home-based care organizations—whether larger national or smaller regional providers—are all in competition for referral sources. While having the ability to communicate seamlessly strengthens these referral relationships, it’s important to have a strong brand to give your organization clout and to remain consistent about who you are and what you have to offer.

There’s a reason every business in every industry has some level of brand strategy. Simply put, branding works.

Here are three reasons branding matters in home-based care and why organizations should prioritize their brand to engage patients and caregivers as well as strengthen referral relationships.

Branding builds loyalty
The more you get your organization’s visual identity in front of patients and referral sources, the more likely it is they’ll think of you when they need your services. It’s a simple approach that builds awareness and ultimately builds loyalty.

Branding creates consistency
Is your organization represented consistently across all channels? Website, social media, marketing—anywhere your business has a voice, it’s important that it’s consistent across the board. This includes logo, fonts, color schemes, personality, and any other visual identity your organization may have.

By establishing a brand and using it across every channel and platform, patients and referral sources are seeing consistency—which makes your business memorable and easy to trust.

Branding can help grow your organization
When organizations have an established brand, they can use it as a marketing tool—especially through technology. Digital tools in home-based care are becoming less of a want and more of a necessity as patients and referral sources have growing expectations for seamless, real-time communication. Providers who extend their brand into these platforms can increase referrals and number of patients simply by furthering consistency and driving new business.

Branding should be a part of every facet of your organization—your logo, website, marketing materials, uniforms, and even your digital platform. With CitusHealth, it’s possible for your logo to not only be visible while interacting with the platform, but it can also be the name of the app itself. That means patients, referral sources, or anyone else downloading it in the app store sees your logo and organization name—never ours.

By working with your marketing team, we can deliver a platform that features your color scheme, your logo, and your style so that when it’s being used, your organization is always connecting with patients digitally through your brand.

Are you ready to take your organization and branding to the next level? Schedule a CitusHealth demo today to learn how our digital platform can become an extension of your brand.


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