5 Ways technology should elevate the patient experience

5 Ways technology should elevate the patient experience

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By: Christie McWilliams, RN, Implementation Consultant, CitusHealth

In home-based care, no two providers are alike. Their patients have unique needs and their care teams have unique workflows. But no matter how providers work, their digital solution should help meet these expectations and enhance the patient experience along the way.

Here are five ways the right technology can elevate the care experience for patients and family caregivers in home-based care.

  1. Patient-initiated chats
    Providers can enhance patient and caregiver communication by allowing them to initiate chat messages with their care teams. When this is enabled, communication can happen in real time without the need for phone tag or voicemails. Chats can be available 24 hours a day or within determined windows of time—whether it’s certain hours or even just weekdays.
  2. Message routing and scheduling
    If initiated chats are allowed outside of working hours, providers should also be able to route that communication to the on-call person or team. In CitusHealth, routing rules can be established through the calendar schedule to help ensure the message reaches the person on call at that particular time. All chats are then responded to in the order in which they are received.
  3. Image and file attachments
    Images and relevant documentation can help clarify communication in a chat thread. For example, when using the CitusHealth mobile app, patients and family caregivers can include attachments in their messages to give care teams a more detailed view of their needs. If dressing is coming undone and the on-call person can see a photo, they know if a visit is needed or if a video chat will suffice to assist in fixing the problem.
  4. Video chatting
    Video chat capabilities can reduce nurse visits and engage patients and caregivers on a deeper level versus phone calls or message threads. When care teams can communicate face to face with their patients in an instant, issues can be addressed in real time, unnecessary travel is avoided, and pandemic concerns are eased. But most of all, patients and caregivers get a fast response to their problem, no matter how urgent it may be.
  5. On-demand education
    For those patients and caregivers with ongoing questions about their care, an on-demand education center can help ease the workload on care staff and empower patients with the knowledge to do things themselves. With the CitusHealth platform, education is at their fingertips 24/7—which means less questions for nurses and more empowerment in their care.

The patient experience doesn’t end with chats and education. CitusHealth was designed to engage patients and caregivers on a deeper level—and create more efficiency for care teams along the way. Schedule a demo today to experience the CitusHealth difference.

Christie McWilliams
Christie McWilliams
RN, Implementation Consultant, CitusHealth

As an Implementation Consultant at CitusHealth, Christie successfully assists healthcare companies to digitally transform their processes using the CitusHealth application. Christie has been a registered nurse for 12 years in various positions within home infusion, home health, and hospital settings. Christie applies the extensive knowledge she has gained during her nursing career to assist CitusHealth customers in utilizing the application to its fullest advantage.