What does Customer Success Management really mean to CitusHealth

What does Customer Success Management really mean to CitusHealth

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By: Amanda Hannan, Customer Success Manager, CitusHealth

In any business setting, partners are those who experience value from the products and services offered and share those positive experiences with enthusiasm. Our approach is to view every customer as a partner, ensuring they get as much value as possible from what we have to offer and that they routinely meet and exceed their goals.

This is what customer success means to CitusHealth. But how exactly do we manage customer success? Here are five key ways we approach customer success management:

  1. Identify expansion opportunities within home-based care organizations
    To identify expansion opportunities, we analyze current usage data and seek to truly understand the customers’ business to tell a story of what customers are doing and provide them a roadmap to increase efficiencies, streamline operations, and exceed their goals.
  2. Coordinate resources for home-based care organizations
    By coordinating all resources for our customers, they can avoid the confusion of having multiple points of contact. This means they get one dedicated person to support any problem, enhancement request, or training need.
  3. Keep home-based care customers informed
    A common problem for many technology users in home-based care is lacking support beyond implementation. Technology moves fast, but many organizations may not have the time to keep up with every new feature. At CitusHealth, we provide release notes with every new software release and work with each customer to explain how features could benefit their operations, then provide coordination and project management to help them implement those features.
  4. Profile the successes of home-based care organizations
    CitusHealth provides opportunities for customers to highlight their efforts in case studies and speaking engagements. Also, by creating opportunities for customers to meet and share ideas with other organizations that use our technology, we enable them to get tips and tricks, streamline operations, and pass their insight on to others.
  5. Staff with integrity to support home-based care
    Technology support teams should be trustworthy and dependable, as they guide customers toward success. There are several skills that are mandatory for those who join the CitusHealth team—including honesty, a sense of urgency, emotional intelligence, and others. These qualities are crucial to helping customers meet and exceed their goals.

In home-based care, what does customer success mean for customers?

When home-based care organizations adopt CitusHealth’s digital solution, they do much more than purchase software—they become a part of our team. We form a partnership dedicated to their success. And with the staffing shortage continuing to challenge these organizations, we keep them on track and make sure they take advantage of every way their technology can maximize the staff they have.

Being heard and valued goes a long way when it comes to driving toward success. From periodic check-ins to regular technology updates, customers are supported from day one and should never miss an opportunity to improve.

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Amanda Hannan
Amanda Hannan
Customer Success Manager, CitusHealth

An accomplished and versatile customer-focused leader with a proven track record in building outstanding customer relationships, Amanda builds productive teams and ensures customers exceed their ROI. She’s a Six Sigma Green Belt and subject matter expert in IV workflow management systems implementation, EHR integrations, HL7 interfaces, automated dispensing cabinets, IV pumps, and various SaaS products including analytics-focused reporting tools.

With CitusHealth, Amanda is passionate about optimizing and building processes for customers. Prior to joining the CitusHealth team, she worked with all levels of health system management including IT, pharmacy, nursing, physicians, finance, and supply chain with companies such as Cardinal Health, BD (previously CareFusion) and CorsortiEX.