Measuring success of your remote technologies

Measuring success of your remote technologies

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By: Terri Embry, RN, BSBA, Customer Success, CitusHealth

When preparing to help a customer select an objective to roll out based on their pain points and business needs, one thing we recommend is to build metrics around that objective. As part of the implementation process and beyond go-live, we help customers identify best practices and measure different areas of their business to implement the right digital tools that can help them reach their goals.

Here are different areas of your organization that can be measured so we can take steps toward adopting the right digital tools that can lead you to success:

Consent forms
Getting consent forms signed can be difficult through snail mail or via an admission packet, as they often don’t make it back to the office in a timely manner. Even when nurses are expected to get these signatures while working in the field, their busy schedules can make returning forms to the office a lower priority than seeing their next patient. With the right digital tools, consent forms can be sent, signed and returned in real time, on any device — releasing the strain on staff members and reducing the reliance on regular mail. It can also notify the billing team that the consent is on file, which initiates their billing processes.

When researching our customers’ metrics on receiving timely consent forms, we’ve heard numbers as low as 5% to 10% when requesting by mail and two or more days to get consents in the chart when the signature is obtained face to face on paper. This low volume can cause issues, especially during accreditation visits or financial audits. Measuring and knowing these numbers can help organizations implement the technology and lead to more positive impacts.

Patient engagement and productivity
We have several case studies, but one in particular provides great examples of where measuring success can be powerful. Parkway Specialty Pharmacy needed to meet the demands of an increasingly digitally-enabled patient base, which meant incorporating more effective, virtual communication. In our case study for this pharmacy, we reported their goal of receiving 50% of delivery confirmations within five days of the delivery.

After implementing our technology, they now receive 75% of delivery confirmations within 48 hours. They’ve also experienced 35% improvement in engagement to dispensing time without adding staff and a 28% reduction in the number of total calls for refills and delivery coordination. Knowing these measurements gives the pharmacy more visibility into where they’ve improved and what needs attention.

Organizations can use this measurement reporting as motivation. By displaying numbers in their physical locations, employees can work toward specific goals to get rewarded — and it can make staff feel valued as they see these metrics improve.

Are you ready to see what measuring success can do for your organization? Schedule a CitusHealth demo today to learn how remote technology metrics can guide providers toward operational success.

Terri Embry
Terri Embry
RN, BSBA, Vice President of Customer Success, CitusHealth

A registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing, Terri’s career has spanned almost three decades in regional and national home, specialty and long-term care infusion operations, sales, and informatics leadership. Her experience with cutting-edge workflow optimization has allowed her to understand the challenges both customers and their patients face. With CitusHealth, she leads the adoption and retention team helping to bring the voice of customers to the product development roadmap.

Terri has been in leadership, sales, and nursing roles for companies such as BioScrip, Omnicare, and Olsten-Kimberly Quality Care.