Use case highlight: 4 Ways form building can save time and resources

Use case highlight: 4 Ways form building can save time and resources

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By: Courtney Venus, Customer Success Associate, CitusHealth

In a role dedicated to customer success, I’m passionate about the features and functionalities that deliver positive outcomes. One of these key features is the ability to build and customize forms based on unique needs. A favorite among customers, our Forms Center allows customers to stay close to patients and collect structured data in between visits through a user-friendly forms builder.

Custom forms can easily be created for all information and data needs, including COVID-19 screenings, disease-specific statuses, state-specific requirements, and more:

  • Unlimited forms can be created and sent to the patient and/or family at any time via text or email through app-less functionality
  • Digital patient assessments and surveys
  • Less rehospitalization through more regular status updates
  • Improved patient satisfaction with more regular interactions
  • Automatic attachment to the patient record

Here are four ways form building can save time and resources for home-based care organizations:

Nursing notes can be documented more efficiently
Often requiring manual entry, nursing notes can overwhelm staff who are already burdened with administrative tasks. With form building, fields are prepopulated, patient demographics can be imported with the click of a button, and data is automatically saved. This automated approach to nursing notes simplifies documentation and saves valuable time that can now be focused on patient care.

Medication refills no longer require multiple phone calls
When these critical forms can be prepopulated with patient data and generate medication information, refills can happen faster — ultimately avoiding delayed care and helping to ensure patients have the accurate medication they need.

Pulling patient data saves time
Documentation often requires dual entry of patient data, from one form to another, or from one system to another. Form building helps to eliminate these time-consuming tasks by only needing this information entered once and then automatically populating it into fields moving forward.

Digital forms save paper
Form building digitizes important patient information, saving it to the patient record and allowing it to be securely populated into forms and documentation. This means copying and faxing is a thing of the past, saving paper and the time it takes to chase it.

Ready to learn how form building can benefit your organization? Schedule a CitusHealth demo today to see how our Forms Center can be a time-saving game changer.

Courtney Venus
Courtney Venus

Instrumental in how customers operationalize the efficient use of forms within their organizations, Courtney is a customer success associate who values developing and leading customers to success. Her mastery of forms creation and use allows her to transfer key knowledge, enabling customers to focus on patient care.