How automated workflows can save time and reduce costs

How automated workflows can save time and reduce costs

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As home-based care organizations continue to face a myriad of industry challenges — from labor shortages to ever-changing regulations — digital tools can help mitigate wasted time and cost, ultimately helping to avoid a negative impact to your bottom line.

In this blog, we discuss CitusHealth solutions designed to make your organization more efficient and to reduce revenue leakage.

The CitusHealth Message Center can save time and reduce cost

The ability to securely send messages via text, both in-app and app-less, can help avoid the need to copy and paste communication into the patient record. This messaging capability also helps to avoid the need for email and other internal or external communication — keeping all engagement in one central messaging hub.

Using the CitusHealth app allows you to tag and securely save messages directly into the patient’s EMR, along with the ability to auto-attach to the patient record, which means no more wasting time copying and pasting.

This capability also applies to our video chat and picture messaging features. These communications can be tagged and saved into patient discussion groups for internal staff — keeping a clear, concise thread within that patient discussion group, both internally and also looping in patients, nurses, or even field liaisons.

Users can pick and choose specific pieces of a message thread they want saved. Therefore, if a physician is involved in a conversation at any point in time, you can choose what they can and can’t see.

The CitusHealth Form and Document Centers can save time and reduce costs

Forms and documents can be sent, filled out, signed and returned electronically — then saved and archived accordingly, which can link directly to the patient’s demographic page in a clinical coordination note, infusion note, progress note, or however you want to set it up in your implementation phase. This approach helps to save time copying and pasting, reduce the cost of paper printing, and decrease risk for using sensitive patient information.

In this new era of care, organizations need efficiency and automation. Talk to a CitusHealth expert to learn how we can save your staff time and improve your bottom line with automated workflows.

Jackie Owen, RN, BSN
Jackie Owen, RN, BSN

Jackie Owen is an RN, BSN and Clinical Product Specialist for CitusHealth, with prior roles in sales, accounts, RN infusion management and as director of ambulatory infusion centers. Her range of experience is why she understands the need for a great patient engagement and internal communication collaboration platform. With 15 years as an RN in acute, post-acute and primary home infusion — and a previous customer of CitusHealth — Jackie is passionate about the CitusHealth system and enjoys sharing the benefits with current and potential customers.

Jackie and her husband reside in Colorado with their three-year-old daughter, where they enjoy golfing, hiking and exploring all the beauty the mountains have to offer.