Reduce delays in the medication refill process

Reduce delays in the medication refill process

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Medication refills can be a time-consuming process. From playing phone tag to chasing down paper signatures, these manual methods create more work for an already overburdened staff.  The result can mean delayed refills, which can be critical for patient care and could lead to rehospitalization.

With CitusHealth, pharmacy staff can spend less time chasing paper and more time on patient care with two key features: digital documents and automated send forms.

When documentation and forms are digital, signatures can be captured, information can be entered, and refills can be requested — all electronically through a mobile app or app-less via a secure MagicLink. This approach simplifies patient engagement, improves the patient and caregiver experience, and eases the burden on pharmacy staff.

Automated refill forms

By sending patients automated refill forms ahead of time, patients can promptly fill it out on their schedule — avoiding phone tag and voicemails with the pharmacy to capture information and get orders processed. Being able to access these saves time for the patient and the pharmacy staff, and ultimately reduces refill delays.

By using the CitusHealth platform, Elixir Specialty Pharmacy’s refill assessments now only take an average of three minutes to complete, yielding a 50% reduction in time for the activity. Read the full case study here.

Digital documentation

By utilizing digital documents, signatures are less of a roadblock to the refill process. For example, delivery drivers can now get signatures electronically and in real time from patients upon delivery. This reduces time spent confirming deliveries via phone and can speed up the timeliness of billing, which can often be delayed due to missing paperwork.

Using the forms management with digital signature solutions, Intramed Plus can easily obtain signed consent and delivery documents for quick and confident claim submission with or without a nurse present. In fact, Intramed Plus pharmacy staff are receiving completed and signed forms now within two hours of sending to patients. Inventory coordinators are now able to send out digital forms and have patients directly respond to inventory needs via CitusHealth messaging tools, eliminating over-ordering and underdelivering, and freeing staff to work on other patient needs. Read the full case study here.

Simply put, when patients, caregivers and staff are empowered with the digital tools to engage on their own time, the need for chasing paper is reduced and the refill process is more efficient.

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Jackie Owen, RN, BSN
Jackie Owen, RN, BSN

Jackie Owen is an RN, BSN and Clinical Product Specialist for CitusHealth, with prior roles in sales, accounts, RN infusion management and as director of ambulatory infusion centers. Her range of experience is why she understands the need for a great patient engagement and internal communication collaboration platform. With 15 years as an RN in acute, post-acute and primary home infusion — and a previous customer of CitusHealth — Jackie is passionate about the CitusHealth system and enjoys sharing the benefits with current and potential customers.

Jackie and her husband reside in Colorado with their three-year-old daughter, where they enjoy golfing, hiking and exploring all the beauty the mountains have to offer.