Your roadmap to family caregiver success

Your roadmap to family caregiver success

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Family caregiver communication and engagement strategies play a bigger role in key performance metrics than most hospice leaders may realize.

Everything from avoidable hospital visits, CAHPS scores, and patient population growth are impacted when hospice family caregivers can connect to care team members more easily.

Our roadmap includes five criteria to consider that can help you select the right engagement solution to improve family caregiver communication:

1. Communicate timely and to multiple family or care team members at the same time.

Features should include:

  • Secure messaging and image sharing that supports HIPAA compliance
  • In-app and app-less capabilities
  • Video chat with multiple people at once
  • Automatic message routing and escalation
  • Read receipts
  • Automatic language translation
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Patient discussion groups (PDGs)

2. Provide digital documents and electronic signature capabilities.

Features should include:

  • App-less documents and signature capture through a secure link
  • Documents tracking
  • EHR integration to reduce the administrative burden for nurses

3. Offer on-demand educational materials.

Features should include:

  • Accessibility at any time from any device
  • Can include multiple types of resources such as PDFs, images or links
  • Documents and resources instantly updated for ultimate compliance

4. Integrate with EHR technology.

Features should include:

  • Data is seamlessly exchanged with the system of record
  • Clinical staff has the most up-to-date patient information
  • IDGs are less likely to miss important patient data

5. Ensure success.

A supportive, knowledgeable partner should include:

  • Implementation team takes time to deeply understand goals and timelines
  • Professional and advisory services to enhance and extend current capabilities
  • Customer Success Managers help to drive you toward targeted business outcomes
  • Access to the newest features, exclusive webinars and ongoing best practices


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