How API technology can build solutions with disparate systems

How API technology can build solutions with disparate systems

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Since its inception in 2016, CitusHealth has strived to be at the forefront of innovation by using the latest technologies like microservices and the API-first approach. With the API-first approach, each feature in the platform is available through application programming interfaces (APIs) and can be seamlessly integrated with third-party systems to provide one solution to customers.

These APIs are also used by our own products such as desktop and mobile applications.

An API-first model comes with many benefits

While customers get the solution faster — due to having one seamless platform — those who build the solution can do so quicker because it’s not being created from scratch. Instead, we partner with other vendors using APIs and build a solution with existing features.

CitusHealth supports specs such as HL7, FHIR standards that are very common in the industry. In addition to these interfaces, we also offer RESTful, GraphQL and web-socket interactions for our platform — allowing customers to expand capabilities beyond their existing platforms.

When the CitusHealth platform is used as a service using the APIs, and customers build their own interfaces in the front end or embed the features of the platform in their EHR systems, then patients see the provider’s branded application and not CitusHealth. Regardless, the actual functionality (such as messaging and electronic signatures) is powered by CitusHealth and driven by the platform from behind the scenes. This model allows the providers to strengthen their brand recognition.

Simply put, using APIs to develop digital tools allows end users to have a variety of features without the burden of disparate systems. The result is one seamless solution for providers and those they serve.

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Venkat Gogulamudi
Venkat Gogulamudi
Vice President of Engineering, CitusHealth

With over 25 years in executive management, solution architecture, delivery leadership, and professional services, Venkat has a passion for cutting-edge technology and using Open Source software in enterprise applications. His pivotal role for CitusHealth involves managing engineering activities and integrating with industry-leading EHR systems—helping propel the company to drive additional ROI opportunities for our clients.

Venkat previously worked at Nokia and Microsoft, where he delivered the consumer-facing AWS, Azure Cloud hosted PaaS, SaaS services serving millions of users. His background spans various industries including healthcare, airlines, telecommunications, government, and other IOT domains delivering workflow automation solutions and enforcing strong security posture.