Improving compliance with one digital solution

Improving compliance with one digital solution

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In home-based care, the need for technology is on the rise. But while many providers understand its ability to improve performance, they may not realize the impact it could have on compliance. Here are a few ways the CitusHealth platform can help improve compliance with digital documents.

Improving compliance with the CitusHealth Message Center

Whether in-app or app-less, any one-to-one communication in our Message Center is designed to be HIPAA compliant. That means patients can communicate with care teams securely — even without an app that requires a username and password. A secure link is sent via SMS to their text messages or email, which allows for easy chatting.

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Users also have the ability to securely video chat and send images back and forth. From a compliance standpoint, it’s great to be able to save those individual conversations and group chats, then securely integrate them into your EHR. This also saves time spent on duplicate entry and transcribing messages.

Improving compliance with the CitusHealth Document Center

With our Document Center, digital documents can be sent quickly and electronic signatures can be captured — giving patients, family members, caregivers, physicians, or nurses and liaisons out in the field a secure way to collaborate in real time.


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Document exchange and signing is designed to be HIPAA compliant, and avoids unsecure methods like printing, faxing, emailing, scanning, etc.

Improving compliance with the CitusHealth Forms Center

Digital forms can be customized or existing forms can be imported into CitusHealth securely, allowing providers to electronically capture information both in-app and app-less.


One of the many unique CitusHealth features is the history tab, allowing users to view the history of where these documents and forms have been, who has opened them, and who has made edits. It’s an electronic paper trail, which checks the audit box for compliance.

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Once a message, document or form is in the CitusHealth platform, it can then be integrated and attached to a patient’s record in your EHR of choice — again avoiding printing, any risk for losing paperwork, or having health data in plain view for anyone to see.

The right solution can be the answer to compliance stress. Talk to a CitusHealth expert to learn how our digital approach to documentation can improve your business.


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