4 Advantages of omnichannel communication

4 Advantages of omnichannel communication

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By: Venkat Gogulamudi, Vice President, Engineering, CitusHealth

An omnichannel platform is a mechanism to communicate seamlessly using various channels. In CitusHealth, these channels include in-app messaging, email, and phone. If patients, caregivers, or physicians do not have the CitusHealth application or another option is needed temporarily, instant messages can be sent via email or direct to mobile phones via text message. This omnichannel approach offers three ways of communicating with patients—and it’s all seamless.

In this blog, we discuss four advantages of adopting an omnichannel platform.

Increased staff productivity.
When there are multiple channels for staff to reach out to patients or family caregivers, they spend less time waiting on responses and can service patients faster.

Streamlined operations for the provider.
If staff are receiving faster responses, that means the providers are getting the information they need quickly—which increases efficiencies for billing and supports business growth.

Faster prescribing for physicians.
Physicians can have busy schedules that often don’t leave time for logging into different apps. By sending app-less eSignature requests, prescribers can immediately respond with the documents needed to get medications to patients quickly.

More satisfied patients and family caregivers.
When patients and caregivers have multiple ways to communicate with providers (and vice versa), they’re more engaged, empowered to participate in their care, and create stronger connections with those who provide that care.

With omnichannel communication, the advantages are multifold. Providers see increased efficiency. Staff can be more productive. The back-office gets information quicker. And patients and family caregivers are more satisfied with their attentive care. Having three ways to communicate in one platform is a unified voice for the provider.

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Venkat Gogulamudi
Venkat Gogulamudi
Vice President of Engineering, CitusHealth

With over 25 years in executive management, solution architecture, delivery leadership, and professional services, Venkat has a passion for cutting-edge technology and using Open Source software in enterprise applications. His pivotal role for CitusHealth involves managing engineering activities and integrating with industry-leading EHR systems—helping propel the company to drive additional ROI opportunities for our clients.

Venkat previously worked at Nokia and Microsoft, where he delivered the consumer-facing AWS, Azure Cloud hosted PaaS, SaaS services serving millions of users. His background spans various industries including healthcare, airlines, telecommunications, government, and other IOT domains delivering workflow automation solutions and enforcing strong security posture.