5 Innovative ways customers are currently using CitusHealth

5 Innovative ways customers are currently using CitusHealth

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By: Coralina Charles, Senior Director of Professional Services, CitusHealth

Of all the benefits CitusHealth has to offer, its all-in-one variety of features that give customers unique solutions to their everyday challenges is what truly makes this platform stand out. From seamless communication to simplified documentation, CitusHealth customers are using this digital tool to maximize operations and minimize archaic processes that waste time and distract clinicians from providing quality care.

Here are five innovative ways our customers are currently using CitusHealth:

1. Customers use it to save time.
With the CitusHealth Messaging Center, users can securely communicate staff to staff, staff to patients and caregivers, staff to providers and other external sources. This platform-based communication keeps all conversations in one place and eliminates reliance on call centers, which causes frustration for patients and caregivers trying to get in touch with care teams.

By reducing phone calls, CitusHealth customers can save time and instant communication leaves patients and caregivers more satisfied.

2. Customers use it to better engage patients.
With the CitusHealth platform, playing phone tag is a thing of the past. Home-based care providers can now use secure instant message to communicate seamlessly, in real time. Video chatting puts care teams face to face with patients and caregivers outside of visits to address urgent needs and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations.

With these capabilities, patients and caregivers are more engaged, more informed about their care, and more satisfied with their treatment.

3. Customers use it to reduce paper.
With the CitusHealth Forms Center, users can create customized forms for staff or patients and caregivers—reducing paper and ultimately streamlining operations. Whether it’s a survey, informational documentation, or notes, organizations can create any form and send it electronically for instant viewing.

Similarly, the Document Center allows customers to electronically send government regulation forms—or any forms that cannot be edited other than fields that need to be personalized (patient name, dates, etc.)—for instant viewing and eSignature. Once signed and completed by the patient or caregiver, these forms attach to the EMR.

Forms and documents can be customized into any combination for intake packets, further easing administrative burden and simplifying paperwork with instant communication.

4. Customers use it to verify insurance.
For many CitusHealth customers, re-verifying insurance for every patient is a yearly task that involves multiple phone calls confirming whether insurance has changed. It’s time consuming and creates administrative burden. With this platform, they can create custom forms that can be pushed out to all patients or caregivers to instantly re-verify—saving organizations time and money.

5. Customers use it to educate patients.
With the CitusHealth Education Center, care teams can access libraries of on-demand education materials that can be sent electronically to patients and caregivers. Based on a variety of factors such as diagnosis, medication, etc., patients are empowered with information about their care and will be less reliant on care staff for basic questions outside of visits.

CitusHealth is a versatile digital platform creating a range of solutions for home-based care organizations both large and small. Schedule a demo with us today to experience how you can use CitusHealth as an innovative tool to streamline your operations and provide better care.

Coralina Charles
Coralina Charles
Senior Director of Professional Services, VAS

With 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Coralina is an accomplished leader motivated by collaborative technology allowing more accessible care. Her approach to providing quality onboarding practices, improving the customer experience, and increasing adoption are instrumental in the overall success of the team.

Coralina has previously led successful teams with CitusHealth, Brightree, MatrixCare, and other leading post-acute providers.