Auto-routing and escalation explained (and why it’s a necessity)

Auto-routing and escalation explained (and why it’s a necessity)

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By: Christie McWilliams, RN, Implementation Consultant, CitusHealth

In today’s tech-driven world, where information is immediate, patients and family caregivers expect instant responses from home-based care providers to address their urgent needs. Meeting these expectations contributes to high-quality patient care—and even higher patient and caregiver satisfaction.

While traditional communication methods like phone, email, and nonsecure text message are still being used today, research has shown that it fails to meet expectations due to time-consuming scenarios like:

  • Clinicians having to be tracked down to be given manual messages
  • Voicemail tag
  • Unread emails
  • Delayed responses to afterhours text messages
  • Nurses caring for other patients and lacking the time to respond

When patients and family caregivers are left waiting for a response, it can result in confusion, stress, and even a 911 call—which can lead to a hospitalization.

To overcome these challenges, we built auto-routing and escalation capabilities into the CitusHealth communications platform to enable your team to provide real-time responses to patient and family caregiver needs, while making life easier for your staff. Auto-escalation protocols help ensure that inbound communications are quickly routed to someone that can address the patient’s needs.

This means that when a patient initiates a new chat thread, the communication won’t sit there for hours. Instead, it will escalate to a clinician that can respond via secure instant message, video chat or phone call—all in a matter of minutes, using our proprietary technology.

A win-win for clinicians and their patients

With this unique auto-routing and escalation technology, time spent emailing, playing voicemail tag, and chasing down the right clinician may be eliminated. Clinicians now have a better work-life balance because they’re no longer forced to answer inbound communications after hours. Instead, their time off is truly time off, and they can appreciate having more time to care for patients during shifts.

For patients and family caregivers, our technology provides peace of mind knowing that when they reach out through the CitusHealth platform, they get immediate, real-time support. This satisfaction results in higher survey scores and a deeper appreciation for their care teams.

Request a demo of the CitusHealth platform and see what auto-routing and escalation can do for your business.

Christie McWilliams
Christie McWilliams
RN, Implementation Consultant, CitusHealth

As an Implementation Consultant at CitusHealth, Christie successfully assists healthcare companies to digitally transform their processes using the CitusHealth application. Christie has been a registered nurse for 12 years in various positions within home infusion, home health, and hospital settings. Christie applies the extensive knowledge she has gained during her nursing career to assist CitusHealth customers in utilizing the application to its fullest advantage.