5 Technology solutions for the holiday season

5 Technology solutions for the holiday season

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By: Danielle Maroon, Customer Success Manager, CitusHealth

While the holiday season is a festive time for families and friends, it can be a difficult time for patients and their caregivers as they try to navigate care during the busiest time of the year. Serious issues could arise when traveling, especially adverse reactions to medication or problems with medical equipment.

With the right technology, home-based care providers can go into the holiday season with confidence knowing they can communicate and collaborate efficiently with those they serve. Here are five innovative solutions that can help navigate the holidays:

Broadcast messaging can be used to send a group message to multiple recipients all at once. This approach eliminates the need to call patients individually to inform them of updates such as:

  • Limited holiday hours
  • Emergency closures or delivery delays
  • Medication refill scheduling

Video chat is a great tool, especially during the holiday season when people are traveling and navigating busy schedules. If a patient is having an adverse reaction, nurses can video chat to see the problem and determine seriousness. This can be a significant help during the holidays, reducing the need to change schedules or go straight to the emergency room. Instead, nurses can assess problems from anywhere.

Video chat can also help with managing medication and medical equipment. With so many families traveling over the holidays, having the ability to communicate through video can help troubleshoot equipment issues and identify drug interactions or side effects quickly to get patients back on track.

Senior man holding pill bottles video conferences with doctor

App-less messaging allows care teams to communicate with holiday guests who are temporary caregivers. With so many families visiting during these festive times, app-less messaging options give loved ones the ability to engage clinical staff and ask questions — all without needing to download an app or create a username and password.

Refill requests have never been easier. And for families traveling during the holiday season, it creates peace of mind knowing that a simple, real-time message to the specialty pharmacy can get their medication refilled and delivered to wherever they are.

Streamlined communication through a digital tool helps improve operational efficiency — whether it’s the holiday season or not. Care teams are just a click away on any device, which means patients and their caregivers stay connected to their plan of care, even during the busiest times of the year.

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Danielle Maroon
Danielle Maroon

Danielle Maroon is a dedicated professional services employee at ResMed with a passion for excellent healthcare and efficient work environments. While balancing work, she’s devoted to being present, caring and loving to her two sons and her supportive husband.