10 Ways CitusHealth Helps Our Customers Reach a Return on Investment

10 Ways CitusHealth Helps Our Customers Reach a Return on Investment

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When it comes to healthcare technology, return on investment (ROI) benefits much more than your bottom line.

It can improve quality of care, patient satisfaction, and more. With CitusHealth, the potential for ROI is significant for post-acute providers, as it’s designed to give clinicians more time with patients without the need to hire additional staff or to pay overtime.

By helping organizations define their challenges, and the value they place on the solutions that solve them, we can determine and calculate ROI—ultimately guiding them toward better care and better reimbursements.

Here are 10 ways CitusHealth provides true value for home-based care providers:

  1. Reduced cost per patient

Repetitive activity like phone calls, paper use, scanning, copying and pasting progress notes, and sharing education and training materials can be automated—which decreases the cost of care for every patient.

  1. Reduced held revenue

Held revenue can impact cash flow. By gathering referral information and prompting referral sources to provide key supporting documents, services can be billed quickly and revenue can be released.

  1. Reduced Days Service Outstanding (DSO)

When documentation is accurate and timely, the time it takes to go from care provided to billing and getting reimbursed decreases.

  1. Reduced revenue at risk

Revenue can be at risk of needing to be repaid to a payor if documentation is missing or fails to support insurance claims. Implementing CitusHealth can resolve reasons that led to failed audits, ultimately resulting in ROI.

  1. Reduced software costs

In scenarios where CitusHealth could replace existing software, that could positively impact ROI by reducing the cost of the other software. Streamlining technology can also improve staff satisfaction, which can impact staff turnover.

  1. Improved patient satisfaction

Happy patients lead to revenue retention, satisfied referral sources, and more referrals, which will help reach your organization’s revenue goals.

  1. Improved quality of care

Eliminating delays and interruptions in delivery of care can impact revenue and even accreditation.

  1. Improved documentation

A more complete medical record supports billing and keeps care teams informed with the most up-to-date patient information.

  1. Improved business contracts

Citus’ patient engagement features and onboarding processes have often led to an increase in the number of contracts awarded, ultimately resulting in more revenue.

  1. Improved patient outcomes

Using the different centers and many features in Citus allows an organization to have important clinical assessment information and track outcomes noted in chat conversations. Also, having timely information allows quick adjustments to a patient’s plan of care, and trends in operational inefficiencies can create dynamic process improvement activity with positive impacts to care being provided.

Case Study - Large hospice and palliative care provider achieves clinician and patient satisfaction

Through data analytics and advanced reporting, CitusHealth helps organizations understand the true value technology can bring to their businesses. From implementation through a long-term partnership, Citus never loses sight of the original goals and shows providers what ROI success looks like every step of the way.

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Terri Embry-Drummond
Terri Embry-Drummond
RN, BSBA, Vice President of Customer Success, CitusHealth

A registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing, Terri’s career has spanned almost three decades in regional and national home, specialty and long-term care infusion operations, sales, and informatics leadership. Her experience with cutting-edge workflow optimization has allowed her to understand the challenges both customers and their patients face. With CitusHealth, she leads the adoption and retention team helping to bring the voice of customers to the product development roadmap.

Terri has been in leadership, sales, and nursing roles for companies such as BioScrip, Omnicare, and Olsten-Kimberly Quality Care.