The complete virtual patient support checklist for home infusion

The complete virtual patient support checklist for home infusion

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By: Melissa Kozak, RN, BSN, President & Co-Founder, CitusHealth

As the demand for in-home digital healthcare increases, the home infusion industry continues to evolve. Is your pharmacy prepared to support this growth?

To help ensure you have everything needed to provide a high level of remote patient support, we created a comprehensive checklist. Learn what critical services you need to support patients and how CitusHealth can help you check them all off.

Give patients and caregivers two-way communication.
With patients and caregivers being concerned about timely delivery, having the right medication and supplies on hand, and engaging with pharmacy staff and clinicians in real time—digital patient and caregiver communication addresses these pain points and streamlines each process.

Customize digital forms and workflows.
Traditional phone-based processes create a greater risk for delays in therapy and increase overhead for your pharmacy. Provide self-service to patients and allow your staff to support more patients per FTE with streamlined digital processes.

Coordinate schedule and capture nursing notes in real time.
With care teams primarily operating remotely, waiting for an email or return phone call loses valuable time. Expand productivity of clinical resources through secure, real-time messaging, schedule coordination, and centralized nursing notes and documentation.

Secure video sessions that support HIPAA compliance.
Face-to-face visits for teaching reinforcement or troubleshooting are no longer a viable option for many patients and care teams. To help your staff do more with less resources and alleviate patient concerns with in-home visits, the only real solution is secure video sessions that allow virtual, real-time engagement.

Capture signatures electronically.
With the increasing need for contactless interactions, electronic or app-less signatures are essential for timely delivery and confident claim support. Obtain contactless signed consent and on-delivery documents with electronic or app-less signatures to expedite reimbursements and improve cash flow.

Broadcast messages instantly.
Instantly broadcasting important information concerning critical updates to the entire census and their caregivers saves valuable time. Whether it’s safety information or a natural disaster, the ability to instantly communicate to a mobile device is critical.

Provide on-demand educational materials.
Since patients, families, and caregivers have greater responsibility for care in a remote setting, making it possible to easily access customized educational materials at any time, any place, on any device helps them support the care plan and help ensure therapy adherence.

Offer multi-lingual support.
Patients and their families may be more comfortable communicating in their native language. Auto-translate features can reduce delays in care when receiving inbound communications.

Support Pharmacy Dispensing System integration.
Integration into a provider’s system of record helps to ensure that the digital patient information captured in messages, forms, and documents is presented at critical points in the workflow and patient record. CMS promotes the use of FHIR-based APIs, which are critical to integration and supported by CitusHealth.

For home infusion pharmacies to truly see a maximum return on investment, they need a tightly integrated platform that checks everything on this list. CitusHealth is designed to offer this kind of integration—enabling better adherence, greater efficiencies, and happier patients, families, and caregivers.

With its impact on patient and caregiver satisfaction, remote patient support should be a priority for your organization. Schedule a demo to see for yourself how we can help home-based care providers better engage those they serve—leading to improved satisfaction and more positive outcomes.


Melissa Kozak
Melissa Kozak
RN, BSN, Co-Founder, President, CitusHealth

As a registered nurse, Melissa has a deep understanding of the post-acute industry. Her extensive clinical care and operational insight led her to become the visionary entrepreneur she is today. With CitusHealth, she’s created our industry’s first end-to-end digital health collaboration platform to solve the complexities of managing post-acute continuum of care and patient and family engagement challenges.