How educational workflows improve operational efficiency and scale for infusion providers

How educational workflows improve operational efficiency and scale for infusion providers

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As a post-acute care nurse, I’ve seen firsthand how communication and care coordination challenges can affect clinical teams, patients, field staff and partners in the home. I’ve also recognized how providers rely on manual processes to communicate and deliver care, causing inefficiencies and decreasing the quality of care.

A common challenge among infusion providers is sharing educational information. Manual processes and paper materials are often used, creating slow workflows and delaying care. That’s why we created the Education Center within our platform, where digital versions of all these materials could live in one place, be available 24/7 to patients and care teams, and be shared electronically in real time.

In this blog, I’m exploring how our technology can tackle some common challenges with digital educational workflows that can improve efficiency and help infusion providers scale.

Welcome packets
By sharing welcome packets with new patients in a digital, electronic format, staff productivity is increased by reducing the need to print materials, combine papers into a packet or folder, and physically deliver them. Additionally, the most up-to-date information is always made available to patients versus having to constantly update paper materials. For the provider, cost per patient is reduced by eliminating the need to print.

Financial programs
Copay assistance program information can easily be shared, with a link to manufacturer websites. This digital approach can increase participation in manufacturer programs, increase revenue collections, and improve patient retention. By keeping patients on service, providers are able to realize projected revenue, which can impact pharmacies significantly.

When staff, partners and patients can be educated through various electronic resources, the benefits can be felt throughout every facet of your business. Staff and patient satisfaction improves through the sharing of training materials, compliance can be improved by sharing the most up-to-date information, and cost per patient can be reduced by providing documents digitally.

Payor criteria explanation
When information can be shared electronically, specifics can be sent securely for a given diagnosis, therapy and visit criteria. This can help increase efficiency in sharing payor criteria, improve patient satisfaction, and increase staff productivity.

When education happens efficiently and in real time for everyone along the care journey, satisfaction goes up across the board and the quality of care improves — helping to create better operations and scalability.

Talk to a CitusHealth expert to learn all the ways having the right digital tools can improve operational efficiency and help remove obstacles when it comes to scaling your business.

Brittany Isaacs
Brittany Isaacs
MSN, RN, IgCN, Customer Success Manager, CitusHealth

Brittany Isaacs is a nurse, educator, and customer success manager at CitusHealth, a SaaS healthcare software platform, that helps companies digitalize and transform their processes and workflows. Previously, Brittany worked as a Director of Nursing for a specialty infusion pharmacy, as well as a Lieutenant in the Navy Nurse Corps. A diverse nursing career in medical/surgical nursing, acute care, emergency medicine, behavioral health, and infusion therapy.

Currently, she is completing a Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice and certificate in Care Coordination at the University of Maryland, School of Nursing. She has graduated with Honors from the University of Maryland, School of Nursing with a Master of Science degree in Health Services, Leadership and Management as well a certificate in Nursing Education.