Discover how data analytics drive staff efficiencies

Discover how data analytics drive staff efficiencies

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Technology has changed the healthcare landscape. And along the way, it has transformed the way data is collected.

While many post-acute organizations collect data throughout each care journey, it’s what they do with that data that sets them apart. Data can be used for multiple purposes. But it must be captured, imported to the user’s system, paired with existing data sources, and built into powerful analytics before it becomes truly valuable. It’s here where organizations can use that data to their advantage in several ways—one of which is driving staff efficiencies.

When staff is using CitusHealth, for example, data captures every detail of patient interaction and engagement. What kind of visit is it? What time did the clinician arrive and leave? What medication was given and in what quantity? No piece of information is considered too small when it comes to capturing every action of care.

Information is also gathered from patient assessments, surveys, and nursing evaluations. This data is critical to understanding whether staff is using the tool in effective ways, giving organizations a true staff-efficiency perspective.

Case Study - Parkway Specialty Pharmacy Optimizes Patient Engagement and Productivity

How can data analytics drive staff efficiencies?

With CitusHealth, where a lot of patient care touchpoints are happening, organizations can import insightful data that highlights important trends. Maybe there’s not enough staff or maybe medication was incorrect. Here are a few examples of data that detail how staff is using technology, which can help evaluate areas for improvement.

  • How is staff sending a refill request?
  • How is staff communicating within care teams and with patients?
  • How is staff requesting and documenting medications?
  • How long are shift and care visit times?

Leadership invests in technology.

But if their staff fails to use it as intended, then they won’t see the full benefits. For example, data shows whether staff is communicating within the CitusHealth platform’s secure messaging feature. If not, that could lead to HIPPA violations, increased call center costs, and time-consuming phone tag. When organizations are aware of how staff is using the tools designed to make their jobs easier, they can drive efficiencies where needed and move toward the goal of true digital transformation.
With technology like CitusHealth, organizations have complete visibility into staff activities, patient engagement, and—ultimately—whether the tools are being used to their fullest potential.

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Venkat Gogulamudi
Venkat Gogulamudi
Vice President of Engineering, CitusHealth

With over 25 years in executive management, solution architecture, delivery leadership, and professional services, Venkat has a passion for cutting-edge technology and using Open Source software in enterprise applications. His pivotal role for CitusHealth involves managing engineering activities and integrating with industry-leading EHR systems—helping propel the company to drive additional ROI opportunities for our clients.

Venkat previously worked at Nokia and Microsoft, where he delivered the consumer-facing AWS, Azure Cloud hosted PaaS, SaaS services serving millions of users. His background spans various industries including healthcare, airlines, telecommunications, government, and other IOT domains delivering workflow automation solutions and enforcing strong security posture.