3 Reasons data access should be frictionless in home-based care

3 Reasons data access should be frictionless in home-based care

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By: Venkat Gogulamudi, Vice President, Engineering, CitusHealth

In home-based care, everyone involved — physicians, clinical teams, back-office staff, and patients and their families — faces enough challenges as they navigate the complexities of care. Technology should create seamless solutions that allow for easier connections and frictionless access to data, so care teams can focus on their patients and those patients can focus on their treatment plans.

CitusHealth’s Magic Link technology removes friction from the care experience through secure app-less links that connect care teams with those they serve in real time, without the need for app installs and multiple passwords.

Here are three reasons data access should be frictionless and how the right digital tools can improve how information is exchanged.

It leads to greater technology adoption
Physicians have busy schedules and patients are managing their complex health journeys. When they’re asked to use technology that causes additional pain points, they will likely refuse. From messaging to electronic signature, app-less tools make it easy to adopt technology and use it to provide the best possible care.

It creates less room for security issues
Using established communication channels while also requiring two-factor authorization, app-less links give physicians and patients the ability to exchange information on a device they use every day through a secure link that expires the moment data is submitted.

It makes care more seamless for everyone involved in the care journey
Physicians and patients are no longer required to download an app and create a login. Instead, they get a secure link where they can fill in data in real time — on the device of their choosing. From refill requests to automated schedule forms, information has never been easier to exchange between patient and provider, and it’s done securely.

With the right digital tools in place, technology will work for you — as opposed to creating more friction in the evolution of care, which can include app installs and multiple passwords. Request a demo to learn how CitusHealth’s app-less Magic Link can help your organization take the friction out of data accessibility and communication.

Venkat Gogulamudi
Venkat Gogulamudi
Vice President of Engineering, CitusHealth

With over 25 years in executive management, solution architecture, delivery leadership, and professional services, Venkat has a passion for cutting-edge technology and using Open Source software in enterprise applications. His pivotal role for CitusHealth involves managing engineering activities and integrating with industry-leading EHR systems—helping propel the company to drive additional ROI opportunities for our clients.

Venkat previously worked at Nokia and Microsoft, where he delivered the consumer-facing AWS, Azure Cloud hosted PaaS, SaaS services serving millions of users. His background spans various industries including healthcare, airlines, telecommunications, government, and other IOT domains delivering workflow automation solutions and enforcing strong security posture.