Improve care coordination across interdisciplinary teams while increasing operational efficiencies.

Improve Care Coordination

At Citus, we know the unique challenges hospice organizations face when trying to provide and coordinate proper care in complex end-of-life experiences. Despite recent advancements in EHR technology, hospice organizations continue to struggle to:

  • Communicate in a timely manner across all care team members (patients, loved ones, pharmacists, physicians, social workers, clerical workers)
  • Conduct telehealth, face-to-face visits and other virtual care through live video sessions
  • Manage rapidly changing needs of patients, from schedules to dosage modifications
  • Confirm delivery of equipment and medications
  • Monitor and report patient and family member satisfaction
  • Maintain margins on daily per diem rates

Transforming Manual Care Coordination into Digital Workflows

Envisioned by seasoned post-acute care nurses and developed by leading edge technologists, Citus Health solutions transform manual patient and care team communications and reporting processes into digital workflows that improve quality of care.

Transforming Manual Care Coordination into Digital Workflows

Citus Solutions for Hospice Organizations

Functioning in a standalone capacity, or integrated into your EHR or billing system, the Citus Health digital suite of solutions can help your organization focus on what you do best – provide high quality care. Here’s how Citus solutions work for your hospice organization:

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HIPPA Compliant Messenger

Outcomes Tracker

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Referral & Intake

Configurable Platform

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