Citus Health Announces Groundbreaking Home Healthcare Consumer Research

96% Of All Patients And Family Caregivers Would Choose One Home Healthcare Provider Over Another Based On The Ability To Respond More Effectively In Real-Time.

NEW YORK (PRWEB) June 10, 2021

Citus Health, a leading digital health solutions provider for the home-based care industry, announced the results of a brand new research study conducted in conjunction with Porter Research that captures the voice of the home healthcare consumer – the patient and family caregiver.

In one of the more dramatic findings, nearly every patient and family caregiver surveyed would (1) choose one home healthcare provider over another, and (2) give that home healthcare provider higher ratings on the HHCAHPS survey if the home healthcare provider enabled real-time communication via smart phone, tablet, or computer.

These home healthcare consumers claim that the most popular methods – phone, text and email – aren’t giving them the immediate response they need, and as a result 57% of survey respondents stated that home healthcare providers “need improvement” in five critical HHCAHPS survey categories that address provider communication.

“This research delivers the roadmap for home healthcare providers that want to enable a higher level of communication and increase patient and family caregiver satisfaction,” said Melissa Kozak, co-Founder and President of Citus Health. “Just like in other aspects of their lives, home healthcare consumers demand real-time communication in the mode they prefer, whether it be on the smart phone, tablet or computer, and they will reward providers that deliver.”

The good news for home healthcare providers is that solving this communication problem is well within their control. Providers can improve the patient and family caregiver experience through real-time communication technology such as role-based auto-escalation algorithms for inbound communication and secure instant messaging.

“The Citus Health platform solution is designed to immediately address the most urgent patient and family caregiver needs through our automated role-based escalation protocols which means care teams can instantly receive and respond to urgent issues without playing phone tag or dealing with voicemail”, says Kozak, “plus Citus Health is device agnostic; patients and family caregivers can access our entire secure, HIPAA-compliant platform through their smart phone, tablet or computer, and it can be done with or without an app download, depending on their preference.”

What do Home Healthcare Consumers Say?

  • 95% of respondents said that communication responsiveness influenced their satisfaction with the home healthcare provider.
  • Only about 40% of respondents reported being fully satisfied with their home healthcare provider when it comes to responsiveness on five communications-oriented categories on the HHCAHPS survey.
  • Respondents reported that using phone, email and insecure text messages was 4-5X more likely to fail to produce an immediate response than a mobile phone app.
  • 96% of respondents reported that they would choose a home healthcare provider that uses real-time communication technology via smart phone, tablet, or computer, and they would give that provider better HHCAHPS survey scores.

Home healthcare providers that implement real-time communication technology that enables an immediate response to inbound communications will have a competitive advantage in the market as they become the “preferred” choice for patients and families and may ultimately receive higher HHCAHPS survey scores. Referral sources will recognize the higher HHCAHPS scores and have the assurance that the home healthcare provider is investing in patient and family caregiver satisfaction.

To learn more about how the Citus Health comprehensive virtual patient care solution helps home healthcare providers improve patient and family caregiver satisfaction, increase clinical staff efficiency and streamline workflows, visit

About Citus Health
Citus Health, a wholly owned subsidiary of ResMed, is a digital health transformation leader that enables real-time, secure collaboration between patients, care teams, care partners, and family members to optimize the patient experience and positively impact the financial outcome of the care provider. Founded by a post-acute care nurse with domain expertise, and an internationally recognized digital health expert, Citus Health delivers the only comprehensive on-demand digital and mobile platform that sets a new standard of patient, caregiver, family, and partner engagement. For more information, visit

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