Business Health for Home Infusion Providers

At Citus Health, we believe patients should feel safe and connected to home infusion experts day or night and be confident their important questions will be answered immediately. That is why we created Call Bell.

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No Waiting, No Anxiety

The infusion process can be intimidating and scary. Instantly connect patients or their loved ones to experts using a platform that ensures immediate answers.

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Instant Communication with Clinicians

Home infusion patients need answers day and night. Our app provides real time messaging with your staff so patients feel supported and connected 24 hours a day.

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Reduced Hospital Readmissions

Operating infusion equipment can seem complicated. Patients often worry that they will never be able to truly perform the process on their own. From admission to discharge, empower them to go through the process independently.

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Expert Instruction at Your Fingertips

Equip your patients with the guidance and instruction they need to troubleshoot any infusion concern and know an answer is just a log in away.


Home health care is changing the dynamics of the patient-provider relationship, but many home infusion providers are still using traditional and inefficient patient support and communication methods. The result is an unacceptable trend: increased costs for decreased patient satisfaction. Citus Health brings modern technological solutions that eliminate the need for costly and ineffective methods of servicing patients.

Today we introduce this new technology to the home infusion industry with Call Bell.


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Supply Management Streamlined

Oversupplying home infusion patients continues to be an unnecessary cost to home infusion providers. The direct to patient supply management capabilities of the Call Bell app reduces and streamlines the inventory management process for home infusion providers.

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Patients Get Answers Quickly

Understanding the challenges patients have with home infusion care allowed us to build a simple to use app that answers questions intuitively. With troubleshooting instruction and triage capabilities, patients can feel confident their questions will be answered quickly and accurately.

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Modernizing the Way Your Staff and Patients Communicate

Efficient operations are key to the success of your company. Call Bell is revolutionizing how home infusion companies connect with their patients.

Our Process
Current Process Josh Grabs his mobile phone and calls 800 number for his infusion service provider If after business hours, Josh explains his problem to an answering service who relays it to an infusion nurse. An infusion nurse will return Josh’s call and walk him through the solution over the phone.
Challenge He may be anxious or scared. The answering service is not staffed by infusion experts. Josh has to discuss a stressful situation to a non-expert who in turn leaves a message with an infusion nurse on call. The return call may come minutes or hours after Josh first reaches the answering service.

Creating Big Cost Savings For Infusion Providers

Call Center Cost60%
Unscheduled Nursing Visits40%
Clinician On-Call Hours30%
Supply Costs30%
Patient Turnover30%
Hospital Re-admissions30%