Fidelis Specialty Pharmacy Selects Citus Health to Enable Real-Time Virtual Patient Communications and Faster Collection of Key Patient Data

Innovative specialty pharmacy provider for hemophiliac and bleeding disorder patients to implement Citus Health’s HIPAA-compliant digital health solution suite to improve patient and staff communications, therapy adherence rates and patient outcomes.

NEW YORK (PRWEB) March 04, 2021

Citus Health, a leading digital health solutions provider for the home-based care industry, announced today Fidelis Specialty Pharmacy, a California-based and minority-owned specialty pharmacy serving the blood disorders community, has chosen to implement the Citus Health platform to enhance care team collaboration and communication with patients as well improve data capture capabilities for increased overall productivity.

Through its URAC accredited specialty pharmacy, Fidelis Specialty Pharmacy dispenses medications to treat hemophilia and bleeding disorder complications that arise from factor deficiencies. Patients who receive routine prophylactic infusions often benefit from learning how to self-infuse, which the Citus Health platform will help enable with on-demand patient education tools.

As an exclusive provider to patients with bleeding disorders, therapy non-adherence is a critical issue for Fidelis and a driving force behind selecting the Citus Health platform. “Citus gives us the ability to enable staff to quickly communicate with patients using the HIPAA-compliant secure messaging tools to capture the refill consultation in real-time and empower our patients with on-demand access to patient education that is essential to helping maintain therapy adherence,” added Norma Castaneda, Chief Operations Officer, Fidelis Specialty Pharmacy.

Fidelis will also leverage Citus Health for real-time referral, refill production and delivery workflows that allow them to prioritize and track efficiency efforts with customizable forms, App-Less electronic signatures for signed refill and delivery consent and messaging to tag and track key patient data.

“We are thrilled to be working with the innovative Citus Health team,” added Castaneda. “Following our accreditation, we knew the next step for our pharmacy was to provide our patients with an engagement platform that would ensure we can deliver on our promise of 24/7 care. The Citus Health platform was the only solution to enable us to do that as well as meet every requirement we had, including allowing us to customize the solution to best fit our unique patient needs.”

“Fidelis Specialty Pharmacy is a ground-breaking organization working to help solve a very specific and critical need in caring for patients with bleeding disorders,” said Melissa Kozak, RN, and CEO, Citus Health. “We are excited to partner with the Fidelis team to enable their staff and patients with digital health solutions that can dramatically improve therapy adherence rates and overall patient outcomes.”

About Fidelis Specialty Pharmacy
Fidelis Specialty Pharmacy is a Latino-owned specialty pharmacy servicing the bleeding disorders community. Fidelis is a premier specialty pharmacy services provider focused on best-in-class offerings that improve patient outcomes including 24/7 access to bilingual pharmacists, a secure supply chain, integrated compliance and adherence programs, coordination of home nursing services, and insurance claims assistance. Additional information is available on the Fidelis website at

About Citus Health
Citus Health offers the only completely integrated virtual patient care platform solution that removes barriers to communication to immediately improve your patient and family caregiver experience. With built in HIPAA-compliant, secure features like auto-translated multilingual instant messaging, real-time video visits, customizable forms and surveys, and patient and family caregiver education center, the Citus Health solution enables real time communication between your clinical staff, care partners, patients and family caregivers. For more information, visit



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