NKS Health Innovates Virtual Patient Support and Care Team Collaboration with Citus Health

One of the largest Canadian Specialty Pharmacies to Launch Citus Health’s Comprehensive System of Engagement for Its Patients, Physicians, Pharmacists, Clinicians and Caregivers


Citus Health, a leading digital health solutions provider for the home-based care industry, announced today that NKS Health, a leading specialty pharmacy serving all of Canada, will launch the Citus Health platform across its national network of pharmacies to standardize operations and implement innovative real-time communication and workflow tools for its 30,000+ patients and growing staff.

“As an organization, we are dedicated to innovation and ensuring that we can deliver superior treatment solutions across Canada,” commented Steven Simonot, Managing Partner, NKS Health. “We are thrilled to work with Citus Health as their innovative platform that connects patients, physicians, clinicians, and caregivers completely aligns with our mission to create a comprehensive patient experience. The Citus Health platform goes well beyond a messaging solution, providing us with a complete system of engagement with real-time communications and workflows designed specifically for specialty pharmacy operations.”

NKS Health is a unique, specialty pharmaceutical services company that focuses entirely on infused, injectable and biologic medications. As one of Canada’s fastest-growing pharmacies, NKS Health needed a scalable platform to support its emerging national network of pharmacies, and to better equip its central operations with real-time, virtual communication and associate workflow tools to facilitate operational efficiencies. NKS Health will deploy Citus Health’s comprehensive suite of solutions, including Message Center, Forms Center, Document Center, Education Center and the Citus Data Extract and NextGen Worklist solutions, bringing together its distinct entities – NKS Health Ltd. (Pharmacy Services) NKS Assist Ltd. (Patient Support Programs) and NKS Laboratories Ltd. ( Lab related services).

“We immediately saw the positive impact Citus Health could have on our organization, particularly the ability to capture and extract critical data to help us better manage our entire pharmacy network,” added Nancy Simonot, Founding Partner, Pharmacist and Head of Clinical Group, NKS Health. “Being able to easily collect key patient data and share it with our physicians, referral partners and manufacturers will help us gain important insights to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients and build stronger partnerships across the care continuum.”

“It is an honor to partner with the incredibly innovative NKS Health team to launch Citus Health into the Canadian market,” commented Melissa Health, RN, CRNI, CEO, Citus Health. “In today’s environment, patient and physician loyalty and overall productivity greatly depend on specialty pharmacies’ ability to empower their clinicians and staff with the virtual collaboration and patient support services that improve speed to therapy and enable faster data collection. We look forward to helping NKS Health continue to deliver on its mission of offering innovative programs, exceptional service, and superior value.”

About NKS Health

Established in 2007, NKS Health is a specialty pharmaceutical services company focused on the handling and service of injectable, infused and biologic medications. NKS Health provides high-quality service by strategically focusing on chronic autoimmune and neurological conditions, such as: rheumatoid arthritis, gastrointestinal diseases, dermatological diseases, stroke rehabilitation, migraines, and multiple sclerosis. An organizational dedication to program innovation and R&D has allowed NKS Health to design and deliver superior treatment solutions over the years, which has earned them a premium reputation with patients, physicians, and medication manufacturers. NKS Health, with its’ allied companies NKS Assist and NKS Laboratories, truly creates a complete patient experience as it works with patients, physicians, clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes on all aspects of treatment.

About Citus Health

Citus Health offers the only completely integrated virtual patient care platform solution that removes barriers to communication to immediately improve your patient and family caregiver experience. With built in HIPAA-compliant, secure features like auto-translated multilingual instant messaging, real-time video visits, customizable forms and surveys, and a family caregiver education center, the Citus Health solution enables real time communication between your clinical staff, care partners and family caregivers.
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