Digital Health Leader, Citus Health®, Introduces Care Team Collaboration Solutions for Hospice and Palliative Care

Citus Health helps hospice and palliative care organizations solve key interdisciplinary communication challenges with a suite of real-time messaging tools and digital touchpoints that enable care teams to more efficiently and securely communicate and collaborate.


Citus Health, a digital health solutions provider for the post-acute care industry, announced today the availability of its cloud-based platform that enables hospice and palliative care organizations with real-time interdisciplinary and care team communication and collaboration. By streamlining interdisciplinary communications and automating processes with real-time messaging and digital workflows, Citus Health helps ensure a tightly connected circle of care that improves the patient’s end-of-life experience. Citus Health will demonstrate the solution at the annual NHPCO Interdisciplinary Conference, November 4-5, 2019, in Orlando, FL.

“The dying process is an extremely difficult time for family members, and as a post-acute care nurse, I understand the complex dynamics involved in care team and family collaboration,” commented Melissa Kozak, RN, CRNI, Co-Founder and CEO of Citus Health. “At Citus Health we want to remove as much of the complexities around communications as possible so that patients can have a peaceful end-of-life experience and their families can focus on the care of their loved one.”

Citus Health serves the unique needs of the growing hospice market. According to the HIDA 2018 Home Care Market Report, Medicare spending on hospice care will grow from $18 billion to $21.6 billion from 2016-2019. And with hospice care supporting value-based care metrics that are now impacting Medicare reimbursement percentages through the Merit Incentive-based Payment System (MIPS), streamlining the complexities of interdisciplinary communications and collaboration across the care teams to improve the quality of care has become an imperative.

Kozak added, “The Citus Health platform is purpose-built to enable real-time multi-care team communications and automate the time-sensitive family and caregiver touchpoints that allow hospice providers and palliative care organizations to work more collaboratively with HME suppliers, physicians, home health agencies, and family members. We know from working hand in hand with these organizations that when we are better connected, everyone wins.”

How Citus Health Works

Citus Health is a cloud-based platform with a suite of digital health solutions that allows care teams to instantly and securely communicate via person-to-person, or in group conversations with real-time messaging tools. Messages can also be routed from family members and clinical care teams to the right person at the right time. The solution’s secure video chat enables Citus Health users to collaborate in real-time to solve patient issues with family members, clinicians, and HME suppliers. Chat also empowers family members to respond to care coordination and supply requests on behalf of patients.

Accessible through any mobile device or computer, Citus Health also streamlines interdisciplinary communications and automates manual processes with digital family and caregiver touchpoints that include imbedded logic, forms, and signature capture capabilities to drive efficiencies and improve care coordination. The platform’s integration engine also allows organizations to seamlessly integrate documents and progress notes into EMR systems for audit and streamlined billing.

To see a demonstration of how Citus Health can help improve real-time collaboration across hospice and palliative care teams, contact us at:

NHPCO 2019 Interdisciplinary Conference: Booth #308
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-863-9130
Twitter: @CitusNow


Citus Health is a digital health transformation leader that automates critical post-acute care services to reduce per-patient costs and increase patient satisfaction. Led by a post-acute care nurse with domain expertise and internationally recognized med tech expert, Citus Health delivers the only comprehensive on-demand digital and mobile solution set that transforms archaic processes to set a new standard of patient care and engagement. For more information, visit



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