Digital transformation of patient engagement and workflow processes designed to drive revenue cycle and clinical management optimization.

Digital Transformation Of Patient Engagement And Workflow

As experienced clinicians and operations leaders from the specialty pharmacy industry, we understand first-hand the challenges you face as a growing specialty pharmacy business, including:

  • Creating, distributing and tracking necessary forms
  • Capturing all the necessary signatures in a timely manner
  • Confirming delivery of medications
  • Monitoring and reporting patient progress and outcomes
  • Keeping everyone in the care delivery team informed as therapy evolves

This is why we designed Citus Health, to transform your critical post-acute care workflows, business processes and patient engagement into comprehensive, end-to-end digital health solutions.

Setting the Standard for Patient Engagement and Workflow Optimization

Purpose-built to address the needs of the specialty pharmacy, Citus Health is a cloud-based solution that helps your organization more efficiently deliver and monitor medication performance while improving your bottom line and ensures better outcomes tracking with patient surveys and important data collection that adds value for payer and manufacturer partners.

Setting the Standard for Patient Engagement and Workflow Optimization

Citus Solutions for Specialty Pharmacies

With Citus Health, specialty pharmacies can operate more efficiently, which results in better outcomes for both your patients and your business. Here’s how it works to drive your business forward:

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Patient Onboarding

Forms & eSignatures

HIPPA Compliant Messenger

Outcomes Tracker

On-Demand Patient Education

Configurable Platform

Supply Management