Citus Health’s Call Bell solutions can improve operational performance and patient outcomes, which will result in better and more profitable referral partnerships with physicians and payers. We serve the following post-acute care market segments:

Home Infusion/Specialty Pharmacy Providers

Margins for home infusion and DME providers are razor thin. Providers must discover new ways to operate more efficiently. Call Bell’s workflow automation and patient support solutions help improve margins by 50% through our ability to eliminate supply waste, capture online signatures and streamline reimbursements.

Referrals are the life blood of home infusion and DME providers. Providers must demonstrate to referral sources (physicians and payers) that they are able to operate efficiently and deliver a superior patient experience. Our workflow automation and patient support solutions help improve referral relationships by reducing manual processes, eliminating call center middlemen, and reducing missed treatments that often result in expensive hospital visits.

There is a shortage of nurses and qualified clinicians. Providers must compete for the top-tier clinical talent who can help create a superior patient experience. Our on-demand, mobile solutions streamline communications between patients and care team members, reducing the frustration and time spent on paperwork and phone calls and making our customers sought-after employers.

Home Health Agencies

Today’s home health agencies are challenged to coordinate care and communicate efficiently across a complex care team, no matter where they are – in the home, on the go, or in the office. Armed with the Call Bell app on any smart phone, real-time communications between care team members can be secure and seamless and one of the most effective ways to divert unnecessary complications in the home care setting.

With Call Bell, RNs, caregivers, physicians and other members of the care team (including contractors) act as one connected team, communicating in real-time to discuss clinical needs, capture/store patient notes, check nursing schedules and more. No more phone tag and wasted time with manual processes. Staff time is freed to focus on doing what you do best – caring for your patients.

Hospice Organizations

The complexities of the interdisciplinary care teams associated with hospice organizations make timely and efficient communications across the team members critical. Details discussed in the traditional once/week IDT meetings are often outdated by the time the meeting adjourns.

Call Bell helps RNs, caregivers, physicians and other members of the care team act as one connected team, communicating in real-time to discuss the changing needs of each unique patient. Whether schedule changes, dosage modifications, or the pain status of a patient, the entire team can remain more informed to improve patient and family member satisfaction through optimal care delivery.

Top benefits of Call Bell

  • Increase patient profitability
  • Remove barriers to cash flow
  • Improve patient outcomes

Citus Health offers a range of digital health applications that are designed to operate independently or as a cohesive patient management platform for post-acute care providers. Our applications cover the entire process, from referral and start-of-care all the way through to discharge.

  • Digital Patient Onboarder: Referral partners can send all referral documentation directly to Call Bell desktop to dramatically cut email traffic, delays in processing, and ultimately missed referrals.
    • Reduce the time from referral to start of care to provide more immediate access to care and expedite the billing cycle
    • Eliminate paperwork to reduce risk of errors and accelerate time to care
    • Improve the referral source experience with automation
    • Incorporate location-based awareness of documentation
  • Care Team Coordinator: Provide HIPAA-compliant, secure, instant messaging capability that connects care team members and patients for more real-time communications and better collaboration, resulting in fewer gaps in care.
  • Patient Triage: Patient-empowering, mobile solution that assists patients instantly with frequently asked questions about infusion procedures/devices and provides instant, online access to an expert if additional assistance is needed.
    • On-demand access to the most frequently asked questions, resulting in less demand placed on call center resources and on-call nurses
    • Improves patient experience (ease and education) with less stress, frustration and wasted time playing phone tag with care team members
  • Supply Capture: Collecting accurate supply counts at the point of care can help eliminate the supply waste that eats away at profits. No more over-ordering or under-delivering, resulting in unplanned courier or costly nurse visits just to deliver supplies.
  • Electronic Signature: Our mobile and web-based application captures signatures from physicians and patients securely.
    • Eliminates documentation barriers to reimbursements
    • Streamlines audits and provides confidence that necessary documentation is on hand
    • Improves referral relationships by supporting digital workflows and sharing of patient information, differentiating from competitors still using traditional workflows
  • Patient Assessments: Transform paper and phone-based assessments into structured forms that patients and nurses can send and submit electronically.