Modernizing a Traditional Business

Modernizing a Traditional Business

When I was a full-time registered nurse in home healthcare, I was shocked how much money my bosses wasted handling patient issues. I say “wasted” because the call center middlemen and random office pinch-hitters being paid to handle things rarely worked, and often made things worse. If you are paying a call center $2 million a year to keep your patients happy, and mostly what they do is make your patients mad, that $2million is worse than wasted – it is money you take out of your own pocket to hurt your business!I don’t know about you, but personally, I’ve never had to deal with a call center for any other serious health issue. That’s why I founded Citus Health, Inc., a technology company devoted to improving the patient-provider relationship – especially at home. Today, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve launched our first groundbreaking service, especially customized for Home Infusion providers:Call Bell.

Healthcare is all over the news, and often the stories are about patient dissatisfaction with care, or the skyrocketing cost of care. Nobody knows this better than the typical home infusion provider. But for one of the most common frustrations, there is an untapped opportunity to use technology; technology for building healthier connections with patients, while eliminating large, legacy costs for largely ineffective traditional methods like call centers.

Call Bell provides immediate resolution to the most common issues faced by people receiving intravenous therapies at home. Using patented technology, Call Bell allows effortless and immediate communication between everyone on a patient’s caregiving team and their patients, eliminating the need for a call center or on-call nurses/pharmacists. We also engineered Call Bell to eliminate the obsolete and ineffective methods used by home infusion providers to send supplies to their patients. I once treated a guy in a Manhattan studio who needed home infusion for two weeks, and his apartment had enough supplies to treat a family of four for a year!

As a nurse, I’m trained to help people feel better about their treatment. As the CEO of a business, I’m vigilant about containing costs, and satisfying my customers. Call Bell does both, and it’s long overdue!

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