Process John Grabs his mobile phone and calls 800 number for his infusion service provider. If after business hours, John’s call is taken by an answering service. An infusion nurse will return John’s call and walk him through the soultion over the phone.
Challenge He may be anxious or scared. The answering service is not staffed by infusion experts. John has to discuss a stressful situation to a non-expert who in turn leaves a message with an infusion nurse on call. The return call may come minutes or hours after John first reaches the answering service.


Even in non-emergency situations when you have a
central line leading to your heart, or your child is
frightened because her infusion pump is alarming, we
believe waiting for medical attention should be
avoided and that you and your loved ones deserve
immediate answers and solutions.

for patients

Citus Health Introduces, ”Call Bell”, the only at-home infusion solution:

Call-bell-only-at home