For Funders of Home Infusion Therapies

  • Partnering with Citus Health: We offer a comprehensive onboarding service package, whereby our team of experts will provide your patients and clinical staff with a thorough tour and demonstration of the Call Bell software. Citus Health has the capability to white label our software to match a company’s branding, thus creating continuity for your patient care.
  • Statistics: Mobile Friendly Population: 57% of home infusion patients are under the age of 55, the majority of which are comfortable and often prefer using mobile apps in their daily life. 18-55 year-olds spend from 25 to 37 hours per month on mobile apps.
  • Business case for the Call Bell app: Home infusion providers must employ staff nurses, on-call clinicians, and call centers to handle patient inquiries and concerns all at a very high cost. Home infusion patients are forced to endure long wait times to receive assistance for infusion-related questions resulting in late or missed treatments. This causes patient anxiety and reduced confidence in completing the home infusion process. The home infusion industry is paying over 300 million dollars annually, to provide after hours support to their patients.
  • What is Citus Health’s Call Bell App?: Call Bell is a mobile application providing immediate answers to common questions while delivering instant communication with infusion nurses and pharmacists. In addition, it will notify patients of appointment confirmations-all at a patients finger tips thus eliminating the need for call centers and other associated after hour expenses.

Call Bell has multiple goals. Primary among them are to increase patient confidence and satisfaction, increase the total number of home infusion adoption rates, and increase the efficiency for the provider.

Simultaneously, Call Bell will prove to effectively create cost savings for the Infusion Provider in the following areas; time it takes for patients to get from problem to solution, patient churn, incoming calls to call centers, unscheduled nursing visits, lowering the rate of emergency room visits and re-hospitalizations, and finally reducing the nurse and pharmacist on-call hours.

Line Items

  • Call Centers: 60% reduction (potentially more)
  • Infusion Nurse On-Call Hours: 10-20%
  • Unscheduled Nursing Visits: 30-40%
  • Patient Turnover: 10-20%
  • Hospital Readmissions: 10-20%
  • Unique Value Proposition: Significant improvement in quality of care and response time for home infusion patients, at a reduced overall cost to home infusion providers.