How We Designed Call Bell

How We Designed Call Bell

There is a lot of talk in the healthcare tech community about patient experience. As a home infusion nurse, I have the privilege of going into people’s homes and really getting to know them and their families. For years, I’ve heard firsthand what it’s like. I recently spoke about my typical weekly patient visit at the Health Impact East conference in NYC. I’d immediately get an impassioned report from patients about what went wrong or what they didn’t like. Above all, patients need to believe they are being heard and their needs are going to be met. They’re human, not numbers. They feel at ease when the care is good, coordinated, consistent. They feel upset when the opposite occurs.

With this is mind, I knew it would be really important to get patient input when building Call Bell. This is, after all, a tool to make the patient experience easier and friendlier. Who better than actual patients to tell us what they want and need. It’s easy as an entrepreneur and clinician who really believes in her own product to say, “this is what patients will love!” However, when focus groups of patients were given the app to explore, I was delighted with their feedback and suggestions.

I truly believe that Call Bell will change the home infusion industry for the better: the patient experience will improve, the home infusion providers will save millions, and home infusion itself will become a well-established and patient-friendly alternative to hospital visits.

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