5 Ways technology can help reduce burnout

Amid an aging population, a rising labor shortage, and growing consumer demands among patients — how are home-based care providers improving operations and streamlining the care process during such a challenging time? In this blog, we discuss five ways technology can help reduce staff burnout.

4 Examples of how customer success creates a path to value

Regardless of care setting, customer success always begins with determining a path to value — and that path is paved with the customer’s why. Knowing their why will help you prioritize which problems need solving, rank those priorities, and create the quickest path to success. In this blog, we discuss four examples of how customer success creates a path to value.

5 Technology solutions for the holiday season

The holiday season is a festive time for families and friends, but it can be a difficult time for patients and their caregivers as they try to navigate care during the busiest time of the year.
With the right technology, home-based care organizations can go into the holiday season with confidence. In this blog, we explore five innovative solutions that can help navigate the holidays.

Measuring success of your remote technologies

As part of the implementation process and beyond go-live, we help customers identify best practices and measure different areas of their business to implement the right digital tools that can help them reach their goals. In this blog, we share different areas of your organization that can be measured so we can take steps toward adopting the right technology that can lead you to success.

3 Reasons data access should be frictionless in home-based care

In home-based care, technology should create seamless solutions that allow care teams to focus on their patients so those patients can focus on their treatment plans. In this blog, we discuss three reasons data access should be frictionless and how the right digital tools can improve how information is exchanged.

Use case highlight: 4 Ways form building can save time and resources

One of our most popular time-saving features is the ability to build and customize forms based on our customers’ unique needs. Our Forms Center allows customers to stay close to patients and collect structured data in between visits through a user-friendly forms builder. In this blog, learn four ways form building can save time and resources in home-based care.

2 Types of broadcast messaging to benefit home-based care

Broadcast messaging is a group messaging application that allows staff members to communicate with multiple patients or other staff all at once—but how can it benefit your organization? In this blog, learn two types of broadcast messaging and how they can benefit home-based care providers.

Personal POV: Advocating for a kidney transplant, diabetic patient before digital collaboration

Everyone has experienced a family member or loved one needing professional care in the home or in a facility. In this series, CitusHealth employees share their personal stories of these experiences. This blog discusses the personal experience of a diabetic parent and advocating for their care long before technology could help coordinate communication.

7 Implementation steps for a successful end-to-end customer experience

When home-based care organizations invest in technology, they need a thoughtful implementation process to help ensure long-term success and adoption among staff. In this blog, we detail our six-step approach to onboarding organizations to technology, training their users, and helping to ensure success for go live and beyond.

Top 5 ways to improve communication with patients and their families

In home-based care, patients and families have growing consumer expectations on their providers, which is why organizations must adopt new strategies for engaging and communicating with those they serve. In this blog, we share the top five ways to improve communication.