Family Caregivers Have Spoken: Hospices Need Better Communication Technology Now

For the past decade, hospice providers have been investing heavily in modernizing their clinical systems, care pathways and staff technologies. However, most hospice providers are falling short when it comes to what really matters to those who make the ultimate decision on choice of provider and serve up hospice satisfaction scores – the hospice consumer. […]

The Need for Greater Adoption of Patient and Family Engagement Technology in Home-Based Care

In 2020, we have reached an inflection point in care delivery.  Close collaboration in healthcare among all stakeholders — internal clinical and non-clinical staff, referring physicians, external partners, and family caregivers — has never been more important. 

The Three Most Important Themes Heard at NAHC FMC20

We thought we would recap three of the most important themes that surfaced at NAHC FMC20. Telehealth was front and center with Bill Dombi, President of NAHC, citing it as the #1 advocacy priority in 2020.   What surprised us is a widespread call to look beyond telehealth to engage patients, physicians and clinicians like never before […]

Uncharted Territory: Using Technology to Successfully Navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic

Uncharted Territory: Using Technology to Successfully Navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic As we progress through this COVID-19 crisis, providers are now anticipating a “new normal” and considering solutions that enable secure virtual care team collaboration and critical patient family engagement.

Uncharted Territory: Using Technology to Successfully Navigate the Pandemic in Home Based Care

It is hard to imagine how anyone, only a few short months ago, could have predicted the emergence of COVID-19 as the most significant global, public health catastrophe in recent memory. And yet, here we are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis that has, in just weeks, altered nearly every facet of American life. 

Remote Patient Care Technology Solutions for the New Normal

The healthcare environment has changed in a matter of weeks.  Facilities are overflowing, providing face-to-face care is now a challenge and a health risk given family members concerns about potential infection of their loved ones. And providers are concerned about care team safety with limited PPE supplies.

New Study Reveals Care Team and Family Member Connectivity Gaps in Hospice

At a time when hospice and palliative care are rapidly growing, there is a concern that agencies in these important settings are employing outdated communication technology to not only communicate within care teams but also to engage with patients, caregivers, and family members. A recent Porter Research survey of 100 hospice leaders took a closer […]